It is Time I waited,

People said if I wait,

That it proves my maturity,

So i waited,

I am still waiting,

But my desire isn’t,

My heart longs for Time,

Her Time to shine,

But I was told to wait,

The Walls are now overgrown,

Overgrown with creeping plants,

Still I await,


The Sun as refused to shines,

The Moon had withdrawn herself from the black sky,

The Stars are fallen,

My ‘SISTARZ’ are shaken,

The power of my might,

The strength of my prowess,

The understanding of my wisdom,

They all are failing quick,

I await, waiting, to wait and wait,

My peers have gone ahead,

I remain at this Gates,

I am having ideas,

But I wait,

I wait for wait to wait,

My desire, my hope of seeing it, to behold her wonder,

Her glory in my hands, why so long?

I hope for my appointed time,

I see it,

Not far, Neither near,

Neither in a flux,

Crystal clear, I rend the heavens with my prayers,

I wait, still waiting for my hope to arise.