From Writer’s Corner; Hi Guys, I am saying a very big thank you for buying and reading Serial Novel Bulletin, also for visiting this site. God Bless You Big. Amen. This is also to redefine Romance, Your thoughts about Romance is that it will always lead to sex? No! Read this bulletin…and see the realities of Romance in a great light…!

Do you want to be the face of SERIAL NOVEL BULLETIN?

…here’s your chance.

Send your details {Picture, Name, School} to ( and tell your friends to vote for you on this site.

This is how they will vote;

1- Tell them to click on the ‘VOTE FOR ME’ Title they see on this site.

2- Scroll down the little instruction article and click on the comment box

3- Tell your friends to write your name and school in the comment box only.

4- Follow all these steps and you will be qualified to be the face of serial novel bulletin.

5- Make sure it is a clear picture.

Other varieties will turn up, keep in touch.

Also, you can get your stories and poetry on my blog, simply send it to indicating your ownership. Thank you.