Dialogue Poetry Love – Series Four

Beginning of a Love Drama. Diana will go to the end of the world to make Paul see her, recognize her that she is capable of being his wife. Paul, after Five years, got a positive response from his only true love, Deborah.


Dialogue Poetry of Love, the drama just began. 

Crazy for Love!

Paul and Diana, chasing shadows in Sweden!

Diana: Paul, my love. He must have touched down in Sweden by now. Karma can’t fly I bet her wings are broken coz I will chase my love to the end of the world and even, alternate universes. I wonder why this Pilot is riding the wind on a slow pace. Maybe I should take over from him. Aha! I’m I not running crazy like this? But what is that compared to the love I have for Paul.

Dialogue Poetry Love By Oshigbesan Adedeji
Dialogue Poetry Love By Oshigbesan Adedeji – Series Four

Why would Deborah not see him five years ago and take him away, they should probably have kids by now? Or can’t he just see that she doesn’t love him the way I do? Aha! The dexterity of reality is truly to balme for lack of knowledge. The texture of dreams have gone soft. The trance of visions have become plain fantasies. Where would we place this poetry of love if life continues to dictate the pace of our heart beat. Thunderstorms should just crash this plane right and let and Earthquake hit Paul so that we meet in heaven! But no! That’s not what I want! I want his kids, his blood in my veins. Paul!!!
Paul: Hmmn! My face cannot wait to behold her face. But my vision keeps seeing her face under a veil. Aha! This is very confusing! I know that five years ago, when I spoke with Deborah, asking her to be my wife, I was a sure a veil covered her face, so she couldn’t see the best of reasons to marry me. Well, I’ll ignore, my grandfather once told me, “The heart of a troubled man is accompanied with a covering veil over his thinking cap!” 

Dialogue Poetry Love By Oshigbesan Adedeji
Dialogue Poetry Love By Oshigbesan Adedeji

But Diana, Diana! I should have been more careful, been true to myself, should have been aware of my glory, how it seduced Diana to a fault. She ain’t that kinda woman! Yet, I remember her grace, her faith, her race, her brace, her poor showing at the pool side, fighting over me with the lustful Bar attendant, fighting over that didn’t belong to her. I should have been far away from her the first day she said come. I should have been brave enough to say no to our first date when she asked me out. I shouldn’t have should when I should have not have should! Lines upon lines and catching the feelings are surely escorted by lines of steer into her beautiful eyes. Why would Karius give up on her even though he’s maimed? He should have tried harder despite catching the grenade for her! Why did James leave her hanging at the Altar? What man on Earth will have a chance to behold Diana and leave her alone? Men are blind, women are confused!

Diana: Aha! Sweden, see her beautiful skies. Surely, Deborah must be beautiful. She must have woken up from a deep sleep. What drug should I gift her that would make her sleep for a century and a day? Lord please, whisper to this Pilot to land quickly, my legs are eager to run. I hope I find him before he finds her. Wait! Before he finds her? So, could that mean that she is not looking for him, chasing after him? Aha! Paul! This lady doesn’t love you. Why would a man who is more beautiful than Angels leave Great Britain and lift himself from the his throne, descending low to search for you and…and…and… Gosh! What is the matter with me. I’m definitely crazy! But this Swedish sky is something else, I wonder what it looks like on the outside. Like Plane painted on a beautiful sky, bluring her beauty…

Dialogue Poetry Love By Oshigbesan Adedeji
Dialogue Poetry Love By Oshigbesan Adedeji – Series Four

Just look at it if you can see it coz I can’t, yet, Paul is more beautiful than this. This mechanical bird and this sky under the law of nature is nothing compared to the beauty of Paul. Deborah is ungrateful. I can smell her ingratitude causing an euphoria of displeasure to my soul already. My stomach grumbles for food, but my meat and drink is to have Paul. Stomach, listen carefully, I don’t care if you starve to death, unless Paul is by my side, no food for you!

Touch Down!

Dialogue Poetry Love By Oshigbesan Adedeji
Dialogue Poetry Love By Oshigbesan Adedeji – Series Four

Paul: Home sweet home only because of Diana…no, sorry, Deborah! Arrgh! Diana is in my head, loosening every screw! GET OUT! But no, she only creates more space within my heart. Surely, Deborah must not see me like this, she will I’ve been with a lady, Diana!

Diana: I can still perceive his deodorant in this airport despite the multitude and nose  bashing flow of a million deodorant worn by travelling folks. This is my third time in Sweden. I remember Karius chasing down here from Great Britain. This was where he jumped in front of the train for me when I found myself thinking as to why James left me hanging on the Altar.

Dialogue Poetry Love By Oshigbesan Adedeji – Series Four

Quiet a number of things have changed in this airport except Karma. Karius chased me here, now I’m chasing Paul here. He once told me he too, he chased Deborah here. Sweden must be the land of nativity for Karma. Silly Karma, and Déjà vu, can’t they just go to the school of forgiveness and leave judgement alone? No! I blame judgement! Why did she birth Karma and Déjà vu on the same day, knowing well that they are not identical twins. Theorists may argue my philosophy about these two, but that’s not my concern for now, Paul Is, where is Paul Karma?

Paul: There she is! Debby! Debby!!

Dialogue Poetry Love By Oshigbesan Adedeji – Series Four

©Adedeji 2018 Pure work of Fiction

Dialogue Poetry Love Series Five Coming … Anticipate…!

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