Ancient Poetry, My Dear Friend (Morning Tots) #Sharon

Shall I say this Ancient Poetry,


Dear Friend,

At this junction,

There is a need for new introduction,

I painfully see myself as a messenger of justification,

Note, we know in part,

We also prophesy in part,

Rumors are pieces of the truth,

Facts are pieces of logic behind the truth,

Life is a mandate,

Discover it yourself,

Silence is a prophesy,

Interpret it yourself,

As much as I would desire to have you by my side all my life,

It is as much as I need to let you go at the moment,

You are not ready,

You don’t see the BIG PICTURE,

Neither are you ready to put the pieces together,

We need to be together,

Yet, it is a dangerous assumption for me,

To think that that today,

You have grasped he best iota of the parable I am explaining,

But listen to this one thing,

Her opera sings of it like a prophecy,

That I will one day find that someone,

She is not perfect,

But she is in a presect line,

Ready for work,

Ready for pain,

Ready for sacrifice,

Where lies your strength?

She’s got the guts!


The Glory can’t elude her!

She will reign,

But when I look into the mirror,

Your face turns up.

My darling, brace up,

Look yonder, not farther,

See better, not best,

Embrace this pain,

Surely for your gain,

You are a child that will live with wealth till old age…

Your grace is divergent,

Stop this tempting insurgents,

Be joined to my allegiant,

Let us rule these rebellious generation with a rod of iron and back them up with love.

Shall I Say this Ancient Poetry…





BEFORE BED, Lines of Frustration (Poetry)

This is the picture of Frustration in the Fun most loveable way.

Been quite a long day for me and just when I thought it should end in the best possible way I had thought, just then, some mechanical faults from the Generator begins to unleash…In this part of the world, our Electrical Power Company have the tradition of ceasing electricity at will for one reason or the other, therefore, generator is always our best option…so you might not just know my pain when this power goes off for hours and even days…

I dare not complain when I have my blog to share it with in a poetical manner…

Before Bed,

Before Sunrise again,

The hours past,

They did pass,

Like into oblivion,

I dare not take a time travel,

To view what,

The Past,

The Present is filled up,

So also the Future,

Surely with hope,

But the Frustration mounts,

She mounts her hills,

She bruised my heel,

I returned to see,

On the sea,

The horses drown,

Frustrated to swim,

On the waves of the proud ocean,

This is my reflection before bed,

I am grateful,

And my complain is optimistic,

I can’t be frustrated,

But her lines falls,

Surely they fall,

Unlike her thoughts towards me,

They fall upon me in pleasant places,

Such that, all things work together for my good…



Poetry of love

BEFORE, Hatred was Love,

After Hatred,

Love again,

I first loved you,


I judged you foolish,

I hated you,

The grudge I carried,

The pain that sailed with me,

My Captain punished me with the waves,

The waves of anguish,

They beat against my lonely ship,

The Shark of anxiety,

She attacked,

Willing to feed me to her offspring,

She wrecked my ship,

I was due for drowning,

I could swim,

But depression was like a stone hanged around my neck,

To the bottom of the sea, I lay…

For many substitutes clinched with me,

Or that I was desperate to cling to,

But each time,

Each I searched for love,

Your memories,

Embraced me…

When do we get to this point,

To Love again,

I want to Love again,

To Love you again,

To hold you,

To hug you,

To Kiss your lips,

Lay on your laps,

Make you my sign post,

Alter the cause of work and pay,

To behold every morning,

My heart,

Open up I say,






You are my jewel priced above the economy of the world…




It is Time I waited,

People said if I wait,

That it proves my maturity,

So i waited,

I am still waiting,

But my desire isn’t,

My heart longs for Time,

Her Time to shine,

But I was told to wait,

The Walls are now overgrown,

Overgrown with creeping plants,

Still I await,


The Sun as refused to shines,

The Moon had withdrawn herself from the black sky,

The Stars are fallen,

My ‘SISTARZ’ are shaken,

The power of my might,

The strength of my prowess,

The understanding of my wisdom,

They all are failing quick,

I await, waiting, to wait and wait,

My peers have gone ahead,

I remain at this Gates,

I am having ideas,

But I wait,

I wait for wait to wait,

My desire, my hope of seeing it, to behold her wonder,

Her glory in my hands, why so long?

I hope for my appointed time,

I see it,

Not far, Neither near,

Neither in a flux,

Crystal clear, I rend the heavens with my prayers,

I wait, still waiting for my hope to arise.


JUST A LITTLE MORE JESUS…not religion! (series one)


Interestingly, ‘Christianity’ as such as the Constitution of most nations would have it, it is categorized as a religion, an institution of voluntary belief.

Who is to blame for passing such laws?

Passing the baton of blame on anyone doesn’t do any good and least of all progress!

But many supposed Christians should know and note that Christianity is not a Religion.

Check this in…

Matthew 16:24: ‘Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me’

He never said follow my religion! He said, ‘follow me’.

So the three important questions we should ask are these,

-Who is Jesus?

– What was he doing differently from the basic belief of God?

-Follow me, where was He going?

Kirk Franklin said, ‘Religion is a Prison’

Just because Jesus did some unique things and millions followed, starting with his first disciples doesn’t make it a wealth of assumption to belief that He actually meant we should follow Him rigidly or loosely.

Planting the CHURCH was his vision which was as a result of his successful mission of laying down His Life (by the shedding of his blood on the Cross) for the sins of every mankind (whole world), God serving us Salvation, not religion, on the platter of his only begotten SON, JESUS.

If Christianity is truly a Religion, why don’t we as avid believers sacrifice our very own CHILDREN!

But going to Church is the new headache I noticed God is having and no doctor can prescribe Him a painkiller!

Church should lead and reconcile mankind to His Maker through Jesus and not any other name!

Read this…

Philippians 2:9 ‘Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name.’

Philippians 2:10 ‘That at the name of JESUS every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth.’

This hypocrisy is fast gaining grounds deliberately because ignorance as since besieged the minds of some Christians.

To crown it up, the most miss interpreted word ‘GRACE’.

Such a pity.

Jesus Christ is the Grace of God the Father.

Why the confusion? Grace is unmerited favour of God upon mankind.

Why does it sound like the passport for sin?

Romans 6:1-2; is now a victim of endless theologies and baseless philosophies…

For Christ sakes…Read it…

Romans 6:1-2; ‘WHAT shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? (2) God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?’

Why are these preachers trying to add sugar to the bitter truth.

If your members can’t handle the truth you preach, (God that knows all things knows the number of persons that will make heaven) then let them go! Off course, pray for them but don’t let them dictate your gospel, the Gospel of Christ.

If call yourself a Christian, then learn this truth, Grace can’t stop you from going to Hell if you are hell bent on falsehood.


PUNCH WORD: If Christianity is truly a Religion, why don’t we as avid believers sacrifice our very own CHILDREN!

STAY TUNED…for the next series…