Scriptural Heresies

Earlier this morning, going to work, was with a fellow passenger on a bike (as it with is with my country) and we began to talk about our nations economic dilemma. He soon dived into the scriptures and began to unleash what I quickly tagged, “Scriptural Heresies”.

I tried to explain a few erroneous points he was making but he just wouldn’t listen. Infact, when he would eventually let me speak, I immediately quoted a some chapters and verses of the bible and he said sharply, ” that’s the wrong scripture brother !”

While I was beginning to try to evaluate what denomination of church he belong to, a quick suspect of a church came to my mind and I wouldn’t name that church in this article. At the nudge of the type of church he was attending, I asked a quick question from one of the point he made. 

I asked, ‘What about the Comforter, the Holy Ghost?”

He said that 

Scriptural Heresies have come a long way in this “End Time” season. It has eaten deep into the systems of people who through bibliographic knowledge of the scriptures and life experience; by this mix have erased the true meaning of the words of Jesus.



life is a moving train

Dear Moving  Train,

Dear moving train, please be nice,

This is an apologetic approach to life,

Life is a moving train,

She can’t be nice,

She can’t be tough,

But she will leave you behind if you are a cry baby of the past,

She will forget about you when you don’t forgive others and forget,

Life is a moving train…

Series Three Coming…



Carol Poetry recited by Olayemi Akinwande

Carol Poem 

Inspired By Olayemi Akinwande

I write and she said…

Who can doubt the reason for the season? 

Who can be the reason for the season? 

Who can be more celebrated as the reason for the season? 
Once a man came, 

From the horizon of the world beyond, 

In darkness He was revealed, 

As Light among stars He reigns.
To behold His creation,

Lost and groping in darkness,

As sheep without shepherds,

Lingering in their hopelessness,

Taking roots in the wisdom of their own vanity salvation.

His birth was God-kind.

His birth was for mankind,

His birth was with mankind, 

What man could have been his father? 

No wonder his death was for mankind!
This season we celebrate a child, 

Who was helplessly wrapped in baby swaddling clothes, 

A king from the Manger, 

To save the world from eternal danger,

An eternal peace to our soul in limitless  yonder. 
We hail you KING, 

We hail thy name, 

Your Jerusalem  we love, 

Your New Jerusalem  we await, 
Come all, 

Come all ye faithful,

Joyful and triumphant,

O’ Come ye to Bethlehem,

Come and behold him, 

Christ the King of David, 
Come into our songs, 

Into our Hymns, 

Into our spirit, 

We love your presence, 

In it we are now and forever 
Blessed Yeshua 

Blessed Emmanuel, 

Blessed Sacrifice,

Blessed Friend, 

Blessed  blessed blessed art thou My friend, ETERNAL KING!

Stop Slave Trade in Lybia

In their attempt to reach European Countries, it is a hard say to tell them that they deserve it. If at all, not Slave Trade! 

No Human deserves this!

Stop slave trade in Lybia

This is completely inhuman, savage and unacceptable. We as a people must fight against this menace and that includes the authorities in charge of matters like this…ambassadors and the rest alike…
We thought it was a skin color problem, but this is black to black, how well can you define CANNIBALISM? If not this act of SACRILEGE!