MY little obsession with the future as since sprunged me to make this video that I tag: “Out of the Miry Clay”

I am confident to say that this will go down in history. Call it faith, call it “stage” but reality herself is not based on what we see. Reality is born of fiction, that’s why our imagination needs to be more creative and very positive.

These are moments when I experience what shame looks like and in these moments is my “Last Blow Of Shame”. Although, this I am saying out of the context of this commentary, that a part of my life at the moment will just require a last blow of shame.

Out of the Miry clay is sure a faith signal for where I know God is taking me to. I am being very specific at this point as to the feeling of even being over due in process. But Time can’t be kind for anything, that’s why a miracle is required.

Certainty is based on where your soul and spirit always is. For where your heart is, there be your treasure as the Bible had said. 

 You see me here, today but if you look closely, my heart, my soul, my  spirit is no longer with that environment.

This might just be my new obsession. I am getting ready as Tasha Cobbs Leonard ft Nicki Minaj had sang. Eyes can’t just see this.

” When life treats you like a TV remote device, make sure you are not the TV.” Adedeji.
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​COLLEGE ROMANCE is now on the following stores

COLLEGE ROMANCE is now on the following stores:
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All Glory to God for this Day and All thanks to my Mother for her Great endurance.

I Was the only one who almost took your life at delivery, I am Grateful Jesus returned you.

Though, its my Birthday, yet, I would celebrate you who made that Physically possible. 
 My Mother,

Great is your strength,

Your pain shall be rewarded,

Years of labour I cannot forget,

The world is filled with mothers,

Men have mothers,

I have a god mother,

You are my Jewel of inestimable value,

A rare gem,

You worry tho,

What more can I say,

Your son is a beautiful dreamer,

Who wouldn’t be worried anyway,


Today is your third birthday,

And today begins your glory days,

I command the Angels to guard you,

Any jealous fellow is a rootless tree,


Some tried to replace you,

They call themselves step-**,

Don’t worry, 

They can only be a stair case filled with steps,

You will trample them under your feet Mama,

What some men can never do,

You beat their imagination,

You baffle their intellect,

I pray they humble themselves,

No! Your children shall humble them,

Iya in Wura,

Mother is a worthy Gold,

A Golden treasure,

Costly to be sold,

Your days shall be merry and Bright,

I know that the birth of a son is a foothold in these part of the world,

Your great great grand children will also be your foothold,

I am grateful you are here,

I am happy I am here too….

For when I cried at your side inside the labour room,

You smiled and your heart filled with joy,

Such ecstasy thrilled your soul,

A monument began,

The Battle line was drawn,

Your critics languished their attacks all day,

Neither did they rest at night,

Orisa bi Iya, ko si !


A Son from my bowels,

My King at hand,

My Prince at last,

God bless you.

Happy remembrance Joy Day for you.
Oshigbesan Foluke Ayodele, Opeyemi Oshigbesan Oshigbesan Adeshewa …



Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters, Martha and Mary but when Lazarus fell sick and hope began to exit the door of his health, they sent for Jesus to come in haste to heal his beloved friend. 

But Jesus didn’t attend to his sick friend until he died.

Listen friend, if you have not accepted Jesus despite these teachings and preaching, tomorrow is already too late, even the next few seconds. His return is imminent!

If Jesus did not attend to his sick friend when he needed it the most how much more you? You don’t have a relationship with him and you think the day you find yourself in trouble he will deliver you? 


He loves you and he worked that out on the cross, all you need to do is accept that gift of love, Salvation.

True, Lazarus died and Jesus rose him up on the forth day just because he loved him dearly.

It will be worse for you if you are unbeliever of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.

Receive this grace today and enter into eternal hope!




The Beckoning of Life, The Beginning…

The series of torture,

The beckoning of life,

The podium of realities,

The beckoning of life,

The intrigue of nature,

The beginning of sorrows,

You have not seen anything yet,

You don’t know what trouble is,

Who are you?

The everyday question,

Such as questions your guts,

Your existence,

No guts,

No glory,

No love lost,

No love found,

That moment of comparison,

The shadow of despise,

All the hours of stink,

The stench,

What aroma is delighted from you,

Life at her best Is your worst nightmare,

Life at her conquest,

This is your victory,

The beckoning of life.