Long Awaited Poetry (My Third World, My Monologue)


(I saw the wife of the devil)


I had a dream I shouldn’t have had. I slept into a sleep I shouldn’t have reawakened from.

I opened a chapter that was reserved for night mares. I saw enigma in strict communion with mystery, while misery was their host.

While the day was hot, I focused on fantasies, while it was yet a cool evening, I should have repented from them, but they were better than my realities.

I tasted the fog. I released the frog of confusion into the night. Children would curse me if they awake from their sleep, for I have sent them into the captivity of their childhood dreams.

My mother is to blame.

My step-mother is a witch. My mother is the Mummy of witches.

So I kept a diary in vastness of my boredom to relinquish the happiness of fun. By gone are the days of wizards, by gone are the days magic, by gone are the day’s spells and portions.

Don’t judge me because I don’t have a name. Don’t look down on me because I said I will live in the valley forever.

If you search the Hills, there you will find me, If you search the West, you will find me to be the Queen of the Coast.

I have no relations with the East, but my son is from there. Don’t judge me.

My words are for the mighty, so if you are a weakling, toss me the coin of Ceaser the great. If indeed you are mighty, bring me his head a silver platter. I, if I curse the days of Lucifer, heaven shall be my foe.

To say I saw him, fall like lightning from heaven, you will need to forgive me. Curse is his wife and their children.

She came into my dream.

I saw her, yes, she saw me.

We spoke, she trembled, she voiced out her threats but I wasn’t moved. She mothers the bitches I know so I wish them grave prayers for their whoredom.

I am what you say I am, but I am not what you think I am. So chew on your thoughts, bite your fingers, for I have arrived!


My Diary should speak but her unfaithful words against the moment of my delivery relinquished my trust for her.

I should have had a wonderful day at the heart of the famous City of Tears but Nemesis caught up with me.

I was arrested to go to the Jail of Retribution. Then I found fault when I by passed the Court of Law of Retribution.

I laughed within me.

on my way to Jail, I scorned her that called herself Justice, for she is deceit.

After a decade in Jail, I came out a monster, yes, that monster you see in your dreams. I was jailed for a crime I didn’t commit.

What was my crime? That I cried in the City of Tears!

Life is a Crime if you do not commit a crime, don’t take my words for it because everyone is a potential criminal.

I am not your Mentor, don’t follow me.

Today is my Four hundred and Tenth birthday, should I curse the day I was born, should I curse that day again.

For today, I had seen the wife of the devil and my witch diary is not full, satisfaction is far from her.

The wife of the devil, she is beautiful, every man’s dream, the desire of every woman, in the soul of every child.

Those that kept the whip from their wards will eventually entertain her, the wife of the devil.

She creates the dresses that we wear but the devil wears Prada.

You will find her at the top of every mountain, at the gate of every city, at the tits of every harlot.

A good man once sent her to the Isles of her beast, the devil, but Wickedness released from the shackles but it will only last for a season.

Series One…

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Ancient Poetry, My Dear Friend (Morning Tots) #Sharon

Shall I say this Ancient Poetry,


Dear Friend,

At this junction,

There is a need for new introduction,

I painfully see myself as a messenger of justification,

Note, we know in part,

We also prophesy in part,

Rumors are pieces of the truth,

Facts are pieces of logic behind the truth,

Life is a mandate,

Discover it yourself,

Silence is a prophesy,

Interpret it yourself,

As much as I would desire to have you by my side all my life,

It is as much as I need to let you go at the moment,

You are not ready,

You don’t see the BIG PICTURE,

Neither are you ready to put the pieces together,

We need to be together,

Yet, it is a dangerous assumption for me,

To think that that today,

You have grasped he best iota of the parable I am explaining,

But listen to this one thing,

Her opera sings of it like a prophecy,

That I will one day find that someone,

She is not perfect,

But she is in a presect line,

Ready for work,

Ready for pain,

Ready for sacrifice,

Where lies your strength?

She’s got the guts!


The Glory can’t elude her!

She will reign,

But when I look into the mirror,

Your face turns up.

My darling, brace up,

Look yonder, not farther,

See better, not best,

Embrace this pain,

Surely for your gain,

You are a child that will live with wealth till old age…

Your grace is divergent,

Stop this tempting insurgents,

Be joined to my allegiant,

Let us rule these rebellious generation with a rod of iron and back them up with love.

Shall I Say this Ancient Poetry…






What is life without challenges?

What is life without madness?

Let God be true and every man a liar?

What is the difference between advise and counsel?

The series and phases of life, what man can arrange it?

Are you God?

Please, let every individual not blame others for their mishaps, Even if your best friend is Jesus, get ready, he will disappoint you and reappoint you into your redemption for his glory.

What is the greatest lesson of life, Show me a man without failure or deliberate mistakes and I will show you a man without life, without any reason for living.

Sometimes, embrace sorrow,

Sometimes, deliberately embrace pain,

For whose gain?

Sometimes, show no kindness to those that deserve it for time is no respecter of any man.

No man knows his own timing, but don’t sleep at the mountain edge of your breakthrough.

The best answer to madness is, be mad, be mad for a good reason, for it is a sin for another to take over your mind, expect by God’s own permission.

Don’t ask why God will permit such evil, question is, who are you?

What is your wisdom compared to God’s foolishness????

This is for everyone who likes my blog and the words written on it…Thank you very much. Such encourages me…thanks




The Beckoning of Life,

That silver age of fortune?

No! that silver age of work,

What work?

What value?

What currency?

What end?

What means?

The Beckoning of life…

The Beginning,


Her troubles,

Man born of woman,

Is born of few days,

And filled with many troubles,

This is only the beginning!

The Beckoning of Life,

Life is a race

At this pace

You better be brace

Tie your shoe lace

Straighten your face

Let laughter fade

For such is the face of grace

The beginning,

The Beckoning of Life,

The truth

The root

Be mute



Words are the years

Time is the mother of them all

The joy of many wise men

The Beckoning of Life

The Beginning…





The Beckoning of Life, The Beginning…

The series of torture,

The beckoning of life,

The podium of realities,

The beckoning of life,

The intrigue of nature,

The beginning of sorrows,

You have not seen anything yet,

You don’t know what trouble is,

Who are you?

The everyday question,

Such as questions your guts,

Your existence,

No guts,

No glory,

No love lost,

No love found,

That moment of comparison,

The shadow of despise,

All the hours of stink,

The stench,

What aroma is delighted from you,

Life at her best Is your worst nightmare,

Life at her conquest,

This is your victory,

The beckoning of life.