Last Series: Moving Train

life is a moving train and yes, it ends only to begin in eternity…


Life is a Moving Train, so it never ends?

The last was reserved for you,

Now that we understand that life is a moving train,

We must learn to accept that it ends too,

Every Train has her terminal,

Her final destination are inevitable,

That moment comes when you say this is it,

When you are not afraid of death,

When you say to your family, friends and loved ones,

‘I am going on a journey far beyond the walls of this world’

So does life really end?

I say, ‘A part of life ends where the other part begins.’

A this part, life is no longer a moving train,

Life is a spirit and we must understand that even now,

We are spirits in flesh,

‘gods’ wrapped with blood and water and bones,

This other phase of life is real,

No terminal,

No bus stations,

No suicidal freak outs,

No angels on guard,

No laws of human theory,

No ethisim of Mitch – theory of nothing – (new word formed)

No, no nothing as in relations to this world but not not if we never died…

Life will move like a train to her final destination

And there will begin another


Christ Jesus said this… A after life

I have moved while in flesh to a glorious place,

Where are you?

Follow me as I follow Christ Jesus…

Also, watch out for my serial story starting soon

Moving Train Four

life is like a moving train, no breakthrough is your terminal

Its no news that life is like a moving train,

You just have to keep moving,

Looking back ain’t the solution,

Giving up ain’t a relief therapy,

Saying, ‘I won’t give up alone’ is worth living for,

Through the tracks,

On the rails,

Rough frictions are bound,

Scratchy sounds are inevitable,

But surely, your vibration is felt from a distance,

You breakthrough ain’t far from you,

And note,

Every breakthrough ain’t your terminal,

For Christ sake…

Life is like a moving train,

Keep moving…


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moving train, life is like a moving train, dont give up, keep moving

Moving Train, 

Life is like a moving train,

She has coaches,

Different coaches,

Therefore, different class of people will be seated in it,

VIPs and the average,

And people with different stop stations,

You can move from coach to coach,

But don’t miss your stop stations

Life is a moving train,

And her tracks her are principles,

Therefore Very difficult to change…

You have live by it,

Follow it

And even maintain it

Life is like a moving train…

Keep moving,

Don’t stop,

Don’t give up….


life is a moving train

Dear Moving  Train,

Dear moving train, please be nice,

This is an apologetic approach to life,

Life is a moving train,

She can’t be nice,

She can’t be tough,

But she will leave you behind if you are a cry baby of the past,

She will forget about you when you don’t forgive others and forget,

Life is a moving train…

Series Three Coming…


Victory in Sight

victory in sight is for me

Victory in sight,

Victory without doubt,

Victory on set,

Victory without fault,

There’s been a lot of fighting,

Battles have been lost,

Souls drenched in the flood of sorrows,

Yet, Grace embraced Victory,

Patience had been over stretched,

Perseverance in solace with anger,

Weeping stayed at night,

Joy came in the morning escorted by Miracle.

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