Victory in Sight

victory in sight is for me


Victory in sight,

Victory without doubt,

Victory on set,

Victory without fault,

There’s been a lot of fighting,

Battles have been lost,

Souls drenched in the flood of sorrows,

Yet, Grace embraced Victory,

Patience had been over stretched,

Perseverance in solace with anger,

Weeping stayed at night,

Joy came in the morning escorted by Miracle.

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AmenRadio… Keep On Believing



‚Äč”Friendship in most cases lack the basic function of responsibility of a dating relationship. Often times, dear friends, who are mutually attracted to each other don’t carry the log of responsibility on each others shoulders. This is because they are not dating and therefore, categorize themselves as friends. Even though they are in a mutual relationship as friends, it doesn’t warrant the lack of responsibility but the hub of responsibility is only voluntary, therefore, the need to fulfill responsibility when lacking is void of friction unlike the dating relationship’
Topic of discussion: Friendlationshp 


Life in Phases

Life in phases,

Life is once again biphasic,

Between black and white, life remains the link,

In phases and in shades of the rainbow color,

Life dances in the rain of affliction.

Affliction also in phases,

Tribulation at every junction,

Who can predict the next phase?

Life in phases,

Step by step,

Like stones appearing upon the surface of a flowing river as a walk path,

Tip toeing on slippery rocks amongst waters,

The dauntless spring is showing off her rage,

Nature knows such phase are consequential,

But ever since change became necessary,

Nature had to skip some phases.

Don’t judge a box from one side until you see all six sides,

All six phases must be turned and brought into light,

Your tongue will damage many things if the phase of your life permits you to be ignorant.

 Every other day, enjoy!

Its only a phase.

Tomorrow, do not mumur,

Consider the tribulation,

Today is always better than yesterday and tomorrow is a gift.

Life is in phases,

Whatever side she turns to you will soon change!

All Will Be Well, Worry not

All will be well, worry not because your tomorrow is colorful.

All will be well,

Why worry?

Life is biphasic; it is either black or white,

Your destiny is a process,

And all nitygrity must be met,

Worry not,

All will be well,

At the end of the day, you might end up regretting why you were worried when the explosion of the fulfilment of your desired result come to pass accordingly.

Why worry, all will be well

Worry not, All will be well,

Take it day by day,

Everyday is new, yesterday is news, tomorrow is a prophecy,

Hold on a little longer,

All will be well,

Worry not!



57 years ago, the British Colonial Masters had no other option by agreement, granted this freedom the Fathers of this great country fought for. In her freedom I was birth and the fight for this same freedom continues.

Happy Independence day Nigeria, Adedeji;
My Country, my Nation, my Nigeria,

My homeland, my federal crib,

My room, my parlour,

My kitchen, my Rest room,

My joy and pain,

My dream, my desire,

I know a few of you might have heard a lot of negative things about Nigeria my Country but if you have one knowledge of the good things my Country has and can do and will do, you will marvel and your doubts will be perplexed. 

57 years ago, the British Colonial Masters had no other option by agreement, granted this freedom the Fathers of this great country fought for. In her freedom I was birth and the fight for this same freedom continues.

She is 57 today, don’t be too quick to judge her or even dare write her off. Like a seed planted 57 years ago, growing into a BIG TREE, her seedlings appearing, her forest emerging and the forces of her offspring rising like an army. Don’t dream and wish us canal for the sakes of the ‘Wolves’ we have amongst us who are selfish and stone hearted to lead the resources of this amazing Country in her best positive direction, but, N0! All for their pocket, well, I know all hope is not lost.

By the Grace of God, as long as I am alive, the ever long dreamed Nigeria shall arise strongly.

God bless Nigeria.