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The Future in Flux

“There is no Present without the Past, therefore, there is no Future without the Present. Every day event is a movement, either backward or forward. To say that the Future is in Flux simply means a movement forward, into the future in this note. It also means an ongoing change. The Future in Flux must therefore be a deliberate act, not just day dreaming which I approve. Everything about the Future in a logical sense is in the Present but put it more divinely, everything needed about the Future is actually in the Past. Always move towards it having the Past as an Osis not a past life. Not the Past that you think I am referring to, I mean a divine Past. Man cannot by himself be a source to himself. Believe thus in Jesus! Like flowing water, the Present keeps moving into the Future. Keep Moving!”


Please permit my confession!

I know I am in love,

That’s why my heart beats in the first place,

Such a priority for life.

Nature has originals and originals,

But could the future be predicting her own original manifestation?

She is not the source of my many inspiration but many of my words can be traced to her!

If so, the Present must scrutinised!

Wait! Is there something I’m missing?

Or is the point not getting me?


Prophecies are Agents and Angels are watching!


Lord, help my weak heart, 

I know you have a big plans for me,

And the BIG PICTURE is my focus,


If these fairies don’t see this big picture,

Well, I am sure they are not at loss,

I pray them a sanctuary of abundance and contentment.

Nominated for Sunshine Blog Award. Yeepee!!!

​My awesome blogger friend Priya nominated me for this prestigious award.

OffCourse, SunShine Blogger Awards. Thank You So much For this. Always wanted one…

You are so wonderful to me and thanks a lot for this much honour.
Hey guys, check out her awesome work on her blog and you’ve got to know this one thing, she is amazing.
So these are the rules for this award:-
Thank the blogger who nominated you with the creator.
Answer 11 Question asked by the nominator.
Nominate 11 new blogs.
– Life Saving Prayers.

– Swati

– Lost Soul

– Kip Walkin

– Afroliz

– Pooja

– Chinedu Victor

– Colleen Chesebro

– Horptie

– Godly Chic Diaries

– Ochman
Ask 11 questions from the nominees.

Here are the questions for you all:-
1. What made you start your blog?
Well, I write a lot and shared some of my articles with my friends and few of friends advised that I opened a blog, so like after a year or two…I did…and here I am!
2. What is your favourite Book and who is your favourite author?
“Understanding your Potential” by Late Myles Munroe. Its painful that this man died in a plane crash with his wife and daughter. But his books helped me unleash my writing gifts.
3. Favourite food?

Sincerely, I don’t really have one but if I would eat something nice that would be Fried Eggs and Plantain with crushed iced fruit juice with milk.
4. Favourite Song and Singer?
I would never had loved this award without this question, her name is ‘TASHA COBBS LEORNARD”

with her new album the track…” I’m Getting Ready” ft. Nicki Minaj
5. Who are the people you admire the most?
-The Holy Spirit- many don’t believe He is God or he does even exist, well no. He is alive.

-My Mother…Such a great woman.

-My father in the Lord Daddy E.A. Adeboye. Spiritual and the grace of God upon his life is so enviable.

-Leonel Messi…great player.
6. What are your hobbies?

Writing off course.

Playing Video Games.
7. Is there something you can give your life for?
Nothing. My life belongs to Jesus Christ.
8. What is your agenda for a perfect life?
Same Jesus Christ. He does exist and has since become a system for perfection in every way.
9. What is that you totally hate about this world?
Hate, that word is strong, well, if at all, it would be nothing. Nothing is worth nothing.
10. Favourite place to live in?
England!!! So sure about that!!!
11. What are the things you don’t like about me and my blog?
Hmmn! I like you and your blog.

Thank you very much Priya. Thank you so much for the nomination. You don’t know how much it means to me.😊
Finally!!!! Yessssss!!!!
It took me centuries to complete this task…well thank God I did…

And this goes out to Life Saving Prayers. Please, keep Praying. 

For those of us I nominated. I really appreciate your works even if I don’t pop up on them. Keep the flag flying.
Thank You All…

Poetry is a Stylish Prophecy or best call it a ‘Silent Prophecy’

Poetry is a stylish prophecy that reveals the intent of the future in a very mysterious way.
Like a parable or proverb, it is never said nor written in plain words.

Most times, only the writer or composer of the poem can really know the deep meaning of the poem.

One danger of it revelation when revealed is the acceptance of the truth of the Prophecy.

If I ever did reveal my poetry deep meaning to you then I am telling you a prophecy in disguise.

Most times, it is adviced not to reveal the intent meaning of a prophecy but, life is not our own to command. Why keep secrets when the grave is no place for revelation.

Poets are revelationist and they own the right to reveal and conceal when they feel it is right.

I for once will not stop telling the truth!!!

Poetry is a channel. I tell it and I prophesy the future.

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Image Credits: 123RF

If she is the picture of the future,

She sure looks like a Sleeping Beauty yet to awake from her eternal slumber…

If she is the picture of the future, then why is the Present ugly?

Why are there so many decisions to make with so very little time on the variability of seasons?
The picture of the modelling lady above is being used as a metaphor or figurative design of the picture of the future in this article.
The Present doesn’t seem like she is adding up to the future we always envision when we day dream. Any man not caught in this web of dreams is not living.
The Pressures in the Present are ironically the same pressures of the future but it is from a different angle, that’s why the future is always unpredictable.
No one can tell the exactness of the future because the present runs in a flux of mirage from the past, therefore, tell me, who can prophecy unto us if an earthquake will shake our faith in times to come?
There was an Hurricane in Texas, U.S.A and their scientists did well to predict many facts and even deaths but I realized that there was no bold record in specific details of the hurricane event before it happened.

If she is the picture of the future, then it is time to war!!!
Such an honor for the future to be unpredictable, such a misery for man to be ignorant of. That is why the problem of the future is her BEAUTY.
Any ugly future hasn’t passed through the process of pain and she is a baby: process of pain which brings about maturity, and maturity, which is the design of any beautiful future.
If she is the picture of the future, then we better be weary and let our heart faints at any sounding silver line in the sweetests of Prophecies. For who can tell if the Sun would rise without a prophecy, or is there any need?
Listen, if you always view the future to be this beautiful, then get prepared for the painful process, the hurtful crafting of the CRAFTSMAN, that hard hitting of the blacksmith,

Beauty may be vain but never cheap. A vain beauty lacks the process, its just as good as fake, but we know Google cannot find a virtuous woman of incomparable beauty!
These words paint a picture, but your perspective is what matters. 

Again I say, if the she is the picture of the future, then it is time to war!!!

Even if we attain this beautiful future, 


Like your beautiful wife or finance or girlfriend, seductions will come her way, and like I read in a Good Book, the Holy Bible,

She said, “Wisdom is a defence and money is a defence…”

She is one book that doesn’t condole laziness and idleness. 

If she is the picture of the future,

What wars lies ahead?

What wisdom is surely needed?

What money is there left to be spent?

If she is the beautiful picture of the future!!!
© Adedeji Writes.


I’m a muse to myself in silence,

I’m a bard to myself in my office,

I’m a poet to my wife in the bedroom,

I’m an amazing Writer,

But all these is not me But 



Happy Sunday