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Vision vs Ambitions

Like I said, “Vision is the evidence of the unseen reality of the future” therefore in the place of setting a goal, vision is paramount to seeing that goal burst into reality. Vision in her real image is not something you birth out of opinion because it is not a self-help orientation. In a place where you are told to create a vision for something or for your life, you must consider the odds. That’s what’s makes a vision a vision and a lot different from revelation. I’m not saying man cannot create a vision but the criteria for vision is to show consideration for the odds, i.e events, people and things and yourself.  Another criteria is that Vision is not created for the most qualified but for those that have the passion. Visions can be fulfilled  or terminated. It is not a function of the vision rather the author.

Now, Ambition. Though they may sound alike but their difference is very clear. Ambition is often self-opinion driven and lacks the weight to carry others along, therefore talking about odds, she will never be in consideration. Ambition is like you walking beside your horse, leaving her back empty of even a load. Ambition is that goal created out of self qualification such that only qualified people may occasionally tag along with the career of the vision. Note: Ambition is not the opposite of Vision, rather a secondary unit of Vision and a twin theory of goal.

The Future in Flux

“There is no Present without the Past, therefore, there is no Future without the Present. Every day event is a movement, either backward or forward. To say that the Future is in Flux simply means a movement forward, into the future in this note. It also means an ongoing change. The Future in Flux must therefore be a deliberate act, not just day dreaming which I approve. Everything about the Future in a logical sense is in the Present but put it more divinely, everything needed about the Future is actually in the Past. Always move towards it having the Past as an Osis not a past life. Not the Past that you think I am referring to, I mean a divine Past. Man cannot by himself be a source to himself. Believe thus in Jesus! Like flowing water, the Present keeps moving into the Future. Keep Moving!”


“Take it one day at a time for tomorrow will worry for itself. Having a vision is a partial view into the dynamic future which is a flux of the present. One day at a time, a second at a go, have fun, sometimes, try to be stupid and laugh at yourself, perfection is not for the worried. I’m not saying you should be carefree but being narrow minded is worst than depression. Take it one day at a time”

Definition of Limitation: World of Rules and Protocol.

Davels Publishing House
Adedeji Davels Publishing House

As much as I love orderliness is as much as I dislike limitation.

It is good to create rules and protocols but wherein is the issue of emergencies, which is often the best excuse to break all form of rules and regulations.

Limitations is caused by all sorts of Laws and in some heartaching cases to a fault. A six months old baby cannot run on his feet because his legs are yet feeble and under going a longterm process, what if we decide to break the rules of this process.

Surely, there may likely be a catastrophic side effects on that baby. Offcourse, to this extent, rules and processes as such as this and at this level must be respected.

No wonder most scientists do not believe in Miracles!!!

But Miracles are events that happen out of laws being broken or superseded. Miracles are breakthroughs, Laws are Limitations, and these two work hand in hand. Therefore in this work of Miracles lies freedom.

The Mystery behind Freedom is that freedom is bounded by certain laws. Therefore, if freedom is bounded by certain laws, is freedom actually free?

Any one on Earth that so desires any form of breakthrough must break certain laws in any hemisphere of life.

For an Aeroplane to fly, it sure breaks the Law of Gravity even if can only do that for some seconds or minutes or hours, yet, assuredly, it breaks the Law of Gravity. And we thank God for the Birds!!!

But will a Fish break the Law of of it habitation? Sure, if she does, death awaits her.

Therefore can we say that the fish only finds freedom to live inside the water. Why? Becasue she is following the law of freedom which is bounded by her nature to live and dwell inside the water.

What Is the Law of Freedom?

“That for everything to consist and live and move, it must abide by the rules of nature wherein there is liberty to work”. Adedeji.

On this Note: we can understand what breakthrough is:

Breakthrough requires first, a deliberate and purposeful Evolution from the norm.

That is…

You must exercise a change within and without of your nature that no longer can be accepted by your comfort zone.

Example: If a Fish should decide to live outside her habitat, then she must have Evolved within and without before she can lunch out of the water and change her location to begin to dwell among the Lions or best say, Land Dwellers…

If we all lived to follow all laws and Protocol, surely, Miracles and Technology wouldn’t have attained this heights.

Some School of Thought belief that there tree levels of Laws (Protocols)…

They are : Primary Laws, Secondary Laws and Divine Laws.

In this note: Primary and Secondary Laws are the two kinds of Natural Laws which are subdivided into:

(Primary Laws) – Laws of Nature

(Secondary Laws) – Laws of Man

(Divine Laws) – Laws of Supreme Divinity {God-Jesus}

We’ll revisit these topics soon…


Author: Adedeji Oshigbesan

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