Washing the Dishes and the Role of Music

For once, I don’t like doing the dishes but if I don’t do it, who will? Sure, I can employ someone to do it but of what use is that to my finances?

We like to eat, and drink in our house and then just dump the plates and expect some Auto-Matic Washing Machine to just do the washing. First, don’t blame yourself if you feel tired after eating. That’s how the body was designed. Since digestion begins immediately you start chewing, then the food you ate, getting into your stomach will under go a lot of grinding like Miners and the Mines.

2 days, 3days, even a week, the dishes are still left in the Sink, yet to be washed. In fact, you’ve used up all the dishes in the reserve basket and the cutleries have gone into extinction, who’s fault?

That’s where I discovered Music.

I really wanted to wash the dishes today but no energy and to crown that up, no motivation.

I sprang up to my phone, dragged the music player and the this song hit me like a rocket…

‘My World Needs You Right Now’

(By Kirk Franklin ft Sarah Reeves, Tasha Cobbs and Tamela Mann)

With this wonderful inspiring lyrics they put together.

‘Show me your face Fill up this space My world needs you right now My world needs you right now I can’t escape Being afraid Fill me with you right now My world needs you right now’

Wow…! This just got me going and some other songs I played. Before I could say ‘Jack Robinson’ the dishes and the sink were shining and I wasn’t feeling tired, rather renewed. Sincerely, it still doesn’t make me want to jump at washing it tomorrow but not while I’ve got my music.

Washing the Dishes and the Role of Music, it is like a fuel needed by a car for a long journey. #davelstots


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