I just needed to write this before my head answers nature tonight…its been quite a funny day for me but, God is not a comedian…I just need to write something even if it will be short. Please permit me…

As simple as the law of sowing and reaping maybe, it is one of those eternal laws that even if heaven decides not to back up will end being a sequester of this same law.

Better days without better thinking is surely impossible.

We can’t give what we don’t have and even what we have, we can’t give if we do not know it purpose, not even if we give it for a good reason yet in typical ignorance. When he purpose of a thing is not know, abuse is inevitable…whoever said that is so correct…

Our mind is our citadel of our Thoughts, our Thinking, therefore, if we do not manage it, discipline it and guard it, surely, strange thinking pattern will begin to draw it network pattern into our minds, thereby affecting our lives.

Better days without better thinking is not for a reprobate mind to consider. That things will just fall in place is a fruitless energy channeled into baseless hope if the mind should run on such falsehood.

Lets change our Thoughts, make them better, not for ourselves alone but also for everyone around us.




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