Have a taste of how my Novel, ‘High School Romance’ looks like with this Prologue…

“I opened for my beloved, but my beloved had turned away and
withdrawn himself, and was gone!” SOS 5:6a


Beth is always the most popular girl in any school she attends and
over the past seven years of life, especially her Kindergarten years; she has
attended three different schools because her father is a Business Man that
often relocated due to his constant trading activities. Presently, Dove High
School is her fourth, making it her second high school that she has changed.
In all of these, she has so far accumulated so many friends and enemies.
The boys in Dove High School, her new school are exceptionally
brilliant and cute. Almost irresistible for Beth, and the ladies, they are off the
grid when it comes to beauty and dress sense, thanks to the new rule, no more
school uniform but moderate outfits and it is only meant for the seniors. Beth
feels like her new school is heaven because of the new rule for dressing. She
wished Ben would change his mind and join her in Dove High because he is
also a creative dresser.
Two years ago, she met Ben at period when she least expected hope
for her life, her social life. A certain rumor that tore her apart, it destroyed her
social life and raved her neighborhood, especially in school. In her previous
school, the summary of this rumor is that she was in an instant illicit
relationship with a new student that started and ended within three days, it
earned her a nickname, ‘cheap slot’. Ben changed his school because of her
inorder to give hope and a solution to her social life and it became a
testimony that sealed their friendship. Love grew between them and
everyone envied them but they were never engaged, as to say that they are not
in a relationship.
As time passed, both began to develop emotional feelings for each
other, but Beth refused to go into a relationship with him. Being a beautiful
young lady, boys are easily attracted to her and she can barely manage them
especially when it comes to managing her emotions, she falters at every
point. Ben continues to love her despite her resistant to his proposal.
Prior Ben’s absence, in Dove High School, she let down her guard,
from one boy crisis to another. She finds herself in a similar situation; her
social once again is edging towards sure destruction. This time, a lot of
rumors are flying in her name that she is a slot, seducing other ladies BF’s,
and without luck, always caught in the act.
Her life, her social life is on the edge of destruction again and this
time it could be worse. She hopes that Ben will come save her again but he
might not be able to do that, now that his dad just won the election of being
the President of the country. He will need a change of school and Beth may
be forgotten and dammed.
Soon, the same fate will hit her friends and enemies, as their parents
become Governors, Senators and Presidents in the forth coming elections,
and she and her family will lose their reputation after her Dad loses big in a
contract he was awarded, betrayed by his brother. Beth loses her reputation
among her friends who have now been promoted and she is left alone, neither
will she be able to attend Dove High School again.
Three days in her new school, the boys of Dove High begin to hang
on her neck and she sees a long queue of boys wanting to have her for a
mutual relationship but she already has eye for Riche Raymond, the
Principals son. He has her perfect character module and body design with his
dress sense. He is like a complete charm for her especially with the detailed
news that he influenced his mum, the Principal to create a new rule for
dressing for senior students on the condition that he will be a watch for any
untamed dressing.
Dating, Relationships and Positions in Dove High School is an
ancient fight and battle for pride and honor, for the stage and for the finest
personality. What the rift was exactly could be a mystery and remain
unraveled if the main ‘Acts’ (Beth and Ben) get into the battle too early or
without a companion. Beth could be a prey and think she’s the star…But fate
will decide a lot of things soon, Dove High School will become a school
filled with kids of highly influential people, so the game will change and only
the strongest will remain at the top, yet only love can keep any one at the top
of this battle…
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