I salute you Great Writers, God Bless you. I must confess that by the grace of God that I am interested in your progress as well. You are willing to let the world see your work, you want people to know what you can do but you have no avenue to show case your creative works.

Simple, send your articles, poem and any other interesting article to this email.

Follow this guidelines;

  1. Let your poem be 6 lines, if it is more than 6 lines, it will not be showcased on the bulletin.
  2. Let your poem have a logical ending with a significant lesson to be learnt by all.
  3. IF you are writing an Article, let your Article be 20 lines. Nothing less, nothing more.
  4. Attach your name and school and Email address.
  5. Attach an illustrative picture of Poem and Article in order to pass your message across in a more prove-able manner.
  6. Thank You very much for contributing to this…

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