All things going according to plan when a bomb was discharged somewhere in the North, thousands of kilometers from Ikeja, as it was announced on local channels. One would think that it was the rise of social menace of the Boko Haram but …’

Shortly after the Sixth World War, the world power nations came together, each having the existence of super heroes among them and needed to clear every tendency of war. So they decided to deploy super human resources, their heroes to other nations, especially Third Class nations of the world. Amazingly, Nigeria was not categorized as one of these nations. Yet the United State of America decided to help Nigeria foster her security prowess, so they sent two of their major heroes, Man of Steel, Super Man and the Fastest Man alive, the Flash. Although, Nicolas Berkins a meta human had helped to add more resourceful super human resources to the security system of Nigeria.

These visitors landed in Nigeria on 7th of April, 2030. This was not just to help strengthen our security sector but to investigate some very pressing issues. Still, Nigeria was not left without her own indigenous heroes, except for the likes of Blinkenlight who is from London, in the United Kingdom who decided to join in this tax as to help her friend, Nicolas Berkins. One of Nigeria’s indigenous hero is from Lagos, his name is Nicolas Berkins, called the Super Black Cop who in the year 2020, August 3rd, experienced a catastrophe that made him into something different and powerful.

Offcourse the visit of the Man of Steel and the Fastest Man alive will make them meet our very own hero, Nicolas Berkins the Super Black Cop, the Lasgidi Star. Their meeting will take over the lead of investigations from the police and join the military to solve a mystery. Superman was much welcomed at the Federal Capital City, Abuja by the President and all dignitaries and also in the Capital State of Lagos, Ikeja. Millions gathered to see the supposed science fiction myth, the pressmen were endless and flashes of cameras were unending.

All things going according to plan at Ikeja when the Governor of Lagos was welcoming the super heroes, a bomb was discharged somewhere in the North, thousands of kilometers from Ikeja, as it was announced on local channels. One would think that it was the rise of social menace of the Boko Haram but …

The Governor quickly urged the multitude to go home and await further instructions.

The Mystery is quite simple, as to avoiding a 7th world war which the Tyrant enemy promised, Hojamah Yuzaen, the world most wanted meta-human terrorist, popularly referred to as, ‘Bastard Insane’. He was the reason for the Fourth world war and after the war; it was declared that he died only to arrive in the 6th world war, assuming responsibility of the 5th world war. Still walking free but now, he has successfully put the world in unity against him and any nation is as important as other world power nations.

The United States of America suggested that his base is in Nigeria, but the Nigerian government and her citizens didn’t take that accusation likely but for the reasons of averting a more deadly war, Nigeria had to accept the help. For the first time in many years, Nigeria’s security sector, the sector had been fortified with the help of Nicolas Berkins, the Super Black Cop but on this matter, that Hojamah Yuzaen has his base in Nigeria wouldn’t be taken likely and therefore the United Kingdom belief that our security system might have been compromised.

The United Kingdom and the United States of America appeals to neighboring countries of Nigeria, to help in the fight against terrorism and avert a more devastating war and her consequences…


There is no time to deliberate who needs to do what is right, it is a matter of survival, everyone works according to survival instincts at all levels especially now that things are beginning to take shape.

The Fastest Man alive, the Flash who accompanied his colleague of the Justice League Team, the Man of Steel to Lagos roots out the location of the bomb blast in not time but there were no casualties. Somewhere in Maiduguri he races, to and fro, arriving  Lagos in 15 minutes, obviously he his faster than this record but he is not familiar with our route, at least, not yet, from Lagos to Maiduguri, to and fro within the space of 15 minutes is a record breaker any day anytime. It was believed that with such an act, Hojamah Yuzaen was making his point clear. It couldn’t have been the long forgotten Boko Haram nuisance group, because Nicolas Berkins, the Super Black Cop wiped them all out.

Superman in Lagos is being debated all over the internet, social media, network stations and the Newspapers are rolling the “S” symbol for the Man of Steel but he has greater concern about his mission here in Lagos. Although, he had openly declared that Hojamah Yuzaen is not the enemy that we should all do well do to do what is right in any position we find ourselves.

The President of Nigeria and the Army General agrees to support Superman in whatever capacity. Therefore they call down a war on Hojamah Yuzaen. Hojamah Yuzaen is never caught unawares of anything and for him to choose Nigeria as his base will make it very difficult for heroic prowess of the Man of Steel to be effective. Superman must find Hojamah Yuzaen first as his threats is never a joke. Hojamah Yuzaen plans to destroy Nigeria and he swore to start with Lagos!

Will the Man of Steel surrender to Hojamah Yuzaen terms and condition when the Fastest Man alive is captured with sorcery?


Will the Man of Steel, Superman respond accurately to the threats and at the expense of the lives of several civilians?

This season in Lasgidi, it will be the battle of brains and muscle, speed versus logic, tactics versus knowledge and survival versus cowardice … but there is one word for all parties both good and evil, that the ultimate risk in this event is the refusal to taking risk!

Superman in Lagos would mean, that we have the world in Lagos …


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