Synopsis in Limited Series

Chapter One



The Year 2030 has been a year filled with expectations especially at the arrival of the world famous heroes, Superman and the Flash. For a very longtime, we all believed that they were just fiction and myths but not this year. Even, the epic event that birth the Super Black Cop had changed a lot of mentality and science orientation of many enlightened persons but this year and at this period, we want to see practical. There is a war to avert and lives to save and peace in expectation. If Hojamah Yuzaen wants trouble, without apologies, Nigeria is at it and being happy people, we will always solicit for our peace especially for the safety of our families.

Superman had learned over the years not to make promises but assured Lagos of this one thing, that the trouble that ran away from America to Nigeria will go back home. The Federal Government put all hands on deck as Superman and Flash begin to collect information of previous investigations. Batman was their eyes from above in the United States of America, doing his bit form the Justice League watch tower up high in the space, within Earth’s orbit.

Gathering information was quite easy but finding base was more difficult. Batman warned Superman against the big entrance into Nigeria but Flash loved the ‘selfies’ and the black women, and the Man of Steel takes a lot of interest in governmental deliberation.

Nicolas Berkins, the Super Black Cop, and his vigilante team, Collins BEC, Blue Girl, Beth Freeze, Paul Miny the Blue Dragon, Bayo Blue and Eziaz have made provision for a watch base within their capacity, afterall, they have a base in Lagos before launching onslaught on the bad guys.

Superman shadows himself in retrieving information as openly flying across the sky of Lagos from obvious location to another, taking Hojamah Yuzaen’s entire informant off the shoulders of the Super Black Cop team who were doing the low key work except the Flash.


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