Cry City Cry

O Wail you this City

City Cry out loud!

Your derision has reached heaven

The stools of the Elders in heaven smell of your stink

In your beauty Cry

In your Grace wail

In your abundance put sack clothes on your head

Let ashes be your music

And let the dust lick your bones dry

Let your fame restrain her strength

Lest her coming destruction reach the gates of your enemies

Cry O City Cry


Cry O City Cry

In your pain

Do not seek for a relief

In your anguish

Do not seek for Comfort

In your labor and losses

Do not seek for profit

Accept your judgement

Like a thief

Accept your verdict

Like a murderer

Go into eternal asylum

You have killed the innocent

Opperessed the Poor

The Blacks amongst you are living the bondage they once had freedom

You kill them for wine

For and harlot

You abase them

You threw away love

She wont be found in another century

Cry O City

O City Wail


Cry City Cry

O! City Cry

Neither Laugh out Loud

Neither Smile to the Rich

Let the Fate of your destiny make you have a rethink

Your children are fatherless

Your Wives are widows

Who then has a generation?

Let your tears be your river

Let your loud voices be your language

Let Peace and LIGHT REIGN

Refuse knowledge

Live in Love

Refuse Wisdom

Live in Grace

#Adedeji#CryCityCry#To be the difference the world cannot differentiate, a controversial blessing in the opera of the rising Sun, and riding with the wings of words


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