Oh! How so sweet are thy lectures to my ears!

Oh! How so good are thy thoughts to my reins!

Oh! How so gifted are thy hands that You created the Earth

Oh! How so wisdom oriented are thy counsels to my spirit man

Oh! How so true are thy promises better than a will of an inheritance!

Oh! How so gentle are thy hands during comfort

Oh! How so terrible are thy acts when thou chastise me

Oh! How so joyful you received me when I returned from hell’s journey

Oh! How so delighted the news tickled my ears when I was told to enter into the house of the Lord

Oh! How so happy my heart leaped for joy when I saw the beauty of thine holiness

Oh! How so curious was I to know your good thoughts towards me

Oh! How so gracious are thy merciful mercies towards me

Oh! How so foolish was I to refuse so great salvation

Oh! How so loving He laid down his life for me a wretched sinner like me

Oh! How so much is thy blood when I need to be cleansed again

Oh! How so much are thy riches when I’m in need

Oh! How so much can they be against me when thou and thy host are with me

Oh! How so much are thy hosts in heaven!

Oh! How so narrow is the way thereof – to heaven

Oh! How so quick is thy WORD in my flesh!

Oh! How so sharp like two edged sword can they pierce my soul and bone marrows

Oh! How so true is thy faithfulness over the expectations of the righteous!

Oh! How so slow are Thou to anger

Oh! How so long thy anger endureth?

Oh! How so patient is thy longsuffering towards me

Oh! How so unseen are thine secret places

Oh! How so invincible is thy figure to man

Oh! How so hidden and far is heaven that I delight to go

Oh! How so mighty are thy wings to protect me from the noisome fowler!

Oh! How so diligent are thine hands O LORD of host that made the heavens and the earth

Oh! How so good you created them and you made rest on the seventh day

Oh! How so LONG O LORD thou Son of David! HAVE MERCY ON ME

Oh! How so much love you sent your only begotten Son to die for me

Oh! How so O LORD, thou art worthy to be praised

Oh! How so O LORD that thou visitest man and yet not mindful of man

Oh! How so O LORD that your infinite grace is sufficient for me

Oh! Oh! Oh!! O LORD of host! How so that thou mayest come in

Lift up thy head of ye gates

Even lift up ye everlasting doors

And the king of glory shall come in

selah.text here
HE is the KING of glory!

 ——————–Oh! How so O Lord God my Salvation————–

Who is this King of glory?The LORD of host


THE OMINIES OF GOD; Psalmist praises God



Who is the King of glory?

The LORD of host

The LORD strong and mighty

The LORD mighty in battle

He is the…

Alpha and Omega

The Beginning and the End


#HowSoOLord#Adedeji#To be the difference the world cannot differentiate, a controversial blessing in the opera of the rising Sun, riding with the wings of words.



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