       Give heed to the words of a wise child and flee from the stories of an old fool.

       The sluggard wants the world; the diligent inherits it and a throne.


       Pay wisdom the entire price its worth; lest the fool bribe the merchant of knowledge and be given the grace to eat.

       The wise cannot rule the city of a fool.

       A fool cannot rule his spirit.

       Wisdom knowledge and understanding built their cities on solid rock.

       A man that hath her (wisdom) shall build a kingdom and live forever with knowledge and understanding.

       An unbelieving heart is tossed to and fro but the heart of understanding remaineth firm to the end.

       When the evil do well the poor will mourn.

       A righteous man will sleep in peace while the sleep of the wicked shall be in pieces.

       The simple; void of knowledge, who can deliver him from the pit words of the harlot?

       Except God talks, the wise hath no speech or word for utterance.

       A false witness speaks, even the dead ignores.

       When a fool flatters, the wise rebukes him.

       In the congregation of fools, their words of counsel drop to the ground and bear to bad fruit.

       Seasons come and go; a slothful man will sleep all through but the diligent chooses his season at all times.

       Better is the wound of the wise than the sound health of a fool.

       The battered face of wisdom and the fair face of an adulteress; who can choose right?

       It is better to suck the wounds of wisdom than to taste the breast milk of ignorance.

       Fornication is the high way to the corridors of death and the dwelling place of they that commit fornication with her.

       Wisdom is strength to they that find knowledge; understanding shall be a resting place.

       A man of wisdom can build ten cities in a day but hundreds of fools cannot lay the foundations of a hut in hundred years

       If the spirit willeth good intentions, the soul lusteth after her good works even the weak flesh will gather momentum of strength to achieve all.

#Proverbs#Adedeji#To be the difference the world cannot differentiate, a controversial blessing in the opera of the rising Sun, riding with the wings of words.


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