Aimo asiko lo damu eda o, oro mi lowo Oluwa lowa

Men wander in search of time but mine is with the LORD.

Dark is their road

They put their faith in rocks

They search for time in dark places

So to wander wasn’t a dilemma

It became their misery

Folly of gods they are, to blame God who holds the time?

Some waited for patience

Impatience ran the sack race to obtain the fattest bone?

No, becasue the race ain’t to the swift, neither to the strong nor skillful but the God of time maketh chance happen to them all.

The judge wasn’t fair when he refused to give the lazy his price

He gave them all…at the end of time

Time was never and ever ready to be married

She has been betrothed to sons of men by her father ETERNITY

But men discovered that time wasn’t their friend

So why get married?

Yet men will always be gods when they initiated a law

Tick says the clock,

Tick, tick…

What you have to do

Do Quick!

Mother EVERLASTING wouldn’t agree, she had enough time to spare

God created TIME,

Men created CLOCK

#TheDarkRockOfTime#Adedeji#To be the difference the world cannot differentiate, a controversial blessing in the opera of the rising Sun, riding with the wings of words.


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