MY DOVE (The HolySpirit)


Holy Spirit

My Dove

My saving grace

My guide

My better soul

My all in all

You are not a man

That you should lie

Neither the son of man that you should regret

The only definition of love

Unconditional truce

Unconditional kindness

My Spirit of motivation

My source of all words

Let me climb to your holy mountain

Let me kiss your wounded hands

Let my sins be washed away

At the helm of thy robe

Let me find solace for miracles

Give me thy embrace

Let me dwell in thy tabernacle


I’m not perfect,

Made from dust

Flesh that I am

Very inexcusable

Your faithfulness

To my generations

My remembrance

In the multitude of your thoughts

Like the sand of the sea shore

To be sincere

My intentions was to write for love

Woman love

But you caught me by the arms

Knowing you to be my Love


Say me well to the Father

For Christ sakes

And quickly

Shun that bastard

The devil

No need to speak to him

Send your angels to deal with him

Ancient of Days

You are the Lillie of the Valley

The bright and morning star

Rock of Ages

Rock of Offence

My Refuge

My Shield

My Buckler

My Wall

Eternal Rock of Ages

My Rose

Rose of Sharon

Consume the forest of Lebanon

That’s why

You are the Consuming Fire

My Dove

My Love

My Lord

My All

My Dove

 Be with me

Never leave nor forsake me

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