The Shepherd smiled and said “blessed are those of you who are not offended at my words, that I call ye children, you’ve been this long and close to me and yet you ask ‘how doest thou know my thoughts?”

“That’s not the hub of our lot being here, where is the Father, show us the Father?!”

The Shepherd Man looked at her, he was yet to smile when she quickly apologized, “I am sorry”.

“You need not fear, lest you fear for nought”

Although the gate was beautiful but the supposed city which infact, the whole of it seemed to be under heavy construction, angels everywhere working tirelessly in building suitable mansions. Quite a few were completed while some other needed finishing touches.

Alas! Jeered out the Atheist, for he had seen a familiar face aside angels. Engineer Wakes, was his friend who died on Earth while constructing a church building with some of his colleagues, a heavy metal fell on him and he died instantly. Then, the Atheist got very furious at God, that despite the fact that his late friend was doing the job for free and for God, such a God who claims to be a loving Father to the whole of humanity allowed one his laborer to die at the expense of discharging a charitable duty in the lot of honoring this God. This accumulated to one of the reasons why the Atheist said in his heart, “I won’t serve this cruel God”.

All hands on deck working side by side with angels, . “What wonder” admired the Atheist. He soon called out to his friend who obviously was dead, 3months ago when he attended his funeral the Atheist remembered vividly. The Lady Lawyer quickly asked a curious question, “Shepherd Man, are we dead…” he interrupted “Nay, ye are not dead but without me ye can’t live”

The Old Philosopher ignored his guts to further question the Shepherd Man, the Atheist and his friend the Engineer, Mr. Wakes soon reunited and quickly got involved in a chit chat.


Mr. Wakes: Wow! I am so surprised to see you here, how come? Or did you eventually believe the gospel I preached to you?

Atheist: Nope, I never did. Infact when I heard about your death, I became more firm with my decision of refusing such foolish gospel.

Mr. Wakes: I wouldn’t believe that story because anyone who does not believe in that gospel can never be here; rather such will be in Hades.

Atheist: Well, that could be true but my friends and I, including that Shepherd Man are actually here on a mission.

Mr. Wakes: Who did you just call Shepherd Man?

Atheist: That guy carrying a lamb with a shepherd walking stick! He has been like that since we met him!

Mr. Wakes: You must be mistaken: that’s just the basis of who he is to humanity but on the knowledge of his divine nature, he is much more than that!

Atheist: He can’t be more than a ‘god’, the God of those Christians like you. One who allowed you to die, giving the grave more potential than the land of the living!

Mr. Wakes: I would advise you to watch your tongue young man, for he heareth you more clearly than you can hear yourself.

Atheist: Off course! The last I spoke, having legitimate right to my own personal opinions about I feel; he gave me a ridiculous cruel smile that my feet lost strength to stand and that’s why you find me in this position!

Mr. Wakes: I had been wondering about the matter, that when a man dies such will not carry along with himself to the judgment no too far from with any infirmity, not even coming here with a wheel chair. But I think I understand your story. Next just tell him you are sorry and he’ll heal you.

Atheist: Not after everything he had to my friends and I, just take a look at that Old Man (Philosopher). He was also expressing his disgust when this same Shepherd Man, you call “God” made his hands wither. Such had made the young lady (The Lady Lawyer) to keep her opinions to herself, even when that young man (The Scientist) tried to have his personal thoughts; he revealed it to everyone embarrassing the young man. Just because he has so much power doesn’t give him the liberty to deform people any how he likes?

Mr. Wakes: (Laughs) oh my friend! You talk too much! I wish I had been with you to watch the whole drama. I would have loved to see the look on your face when you first lost your legs. Well, whatever your mission is here, since he is your leader, believe me you’ll find answers to your questions and rest to your quests.

Shepherd Man: It’s high time we move my dear friend, for I must work the works of him that sent me for night cometh when no man can work less talk walk.

The Scientist interrupts with a curious grin on his face…

Scientist: Alas! Your words contradict the boastful words of your friend (he was referring to the words on the Man on White hood). He claimed time doesn’t exist here but there your words betray that of your friend. So answer me this one time, do you believe in time?

Shepherd Man: it is not given to you or me to know the times and seasons which the Father had put in his own power.

The Scientist is stunned by this answer…

Lady Lawyer: Why doesn’t he ever answer a straight question with straight answers! Simple 2+2=4 but with him it is impossible.

Shepherd Man: Off course, it is impossible for me to change; but no, not with God, for with God all things are possible.

Let’s go over to the other side to see my Father, the Engineer quickly asked for permission to join them in their journey which the Shepherd Man granted authoritatively. The Lady Lawyer grumbled within herself that how will the dead join the living on a journey. So he said, “He that believeth shall live and that believeth is condemned”.

Such bright light, such beautiful melodious songs from a distance, sounds of musical instrument sounded in their multitudes, obvious some instrument that had not been played on Earth sounded common here. Sweet smelling savor of a well prepared meal, such inviting aroma, tears of endless and joyful celebration. Magnitude of such peace and love in the atmosphere, despite the noise, there was a presence of serenity and quietness of mind.


They kept edging closer to this place of unimaginable congregation and immeasurable legions of angels. The large gates opened up and there was a great shout, so deafening that noise could not explain such magnanimous admonition of welcoming guests. The Scientist at this point didn’t want to miss any of the glamour. The light was so bright that it became such an obstacle that they could barely see their own beings (themselves). So cloudy that they bowed themselves to the ground so as to protect their eyes from such a light

Suddenly the Shepherd Man was nowhere to be found again, the Lady Lawyer managed to gaze her eyes at what appeared some few distance from her. A familiar chair but more beautiful, a throne to be precise, with such glory and dazzle. It looked more like the throne they saw earlier and accurately she thought they had seen the throne of the Father again. Silence! The voice of the Shepherd Man sounded and immediately there was silence with all heads bowed.

The Lady Lawyer, the male Scientist, the Atheist and the Old Philosopher lifted up their eyes and the so called Shepherd Man had been arrayed in a royal clothing, with royal diadem having a golden crown plated around with beautiful stones; diamond, onyx, sapphire, twelve stars were on the crown. When they saw him, they all bowed their heads to the ground intensively because of such beauty. He stood in the midst of seven golden candle stick, then he said “Come in hither” but they said unto him that they can’t come closer in any further for the brightness of the light. So He cried out and said ‘Father forgive them, for they knew not what you had been doing’. Opening their eyes again, found themselves in the midst of the seven golden candle stick and each of them muttered, holy, holy, holy is the Lord; confirming that all tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The throne became more obvious and clear and the He spoke again, “What you see and what you’ve heard, tell my children” after which He walked majestically to seat on the throne, and everybody in heaven worshipped him including the four pros. He soon stood up and asked humbly, “Where is the Father?” said the Atheist on his feet. And He that seateth on the throne said, “I AM seated on the right and of my Father” and you see Him not because of your unbelief and neither can a man see God and live even though HE spoke with Moses face to face.

They found themselves back on Earth with their face bowed to the ground saying, holy, holy, holy is our God who reigneth from Everlasting to everlasting, in whose wisdom lies eternity and in whose hands lies millions of generations and in whose breathe doth thousands years co-exist. All glory, all power, all honor belongs unto your most Holy Name, Jesus.

All that heard them where stunned; the Four Pros shared their testimony according to what they had watched on their plasma Tv. So the Law was revoked and Christians lived in the Liberty of serving God.


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