The Prince invited the gods,

Her Prince showed up to represent all the gods,

HE, Basking in the euphoria of their glory,

The people and young maidens of Odyssey tremble, even Sarah,

Even to the Prince’s mother of her Prince…

At the magnificent sight of the god Prince,

Her eyes holden not to recognize the Prince,

She couldn’t had thought that the god Prince was her Prince,

Was her disgust,

Her nightmare.

So they set the table,

Every one seated,

According to their glory,

But the god, the Prince,

Her Prince

He is meek and lowly in heart,

He sat among the commoners of the kingdom,

Sarah sat with the Prince of Odyssey…

Her sorcery couldn’t discern why the gods sent a man god

She remains Still,

Like a Still,

She remains firm with her thoughts,

The Prince of Odyssey curdles her softly,

She should tremble,

Her soft lips should vibrate,

But all emotions died at the stare of the god Prince

He couldn’t be familiar,

But her maidens falter without being flattered.


During the ceremony,

They heard the noise of the trumpet of War,

Sarah in confusion,

Her Prince in hope,

Willing to die for her,

The Prince of Odyssey takes his leave to attend to his army…

A Prophecy soon springs up…

(C) Adedeji Israel


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