Twice now I woke up feeling really bad about my status quo. Not that I don’t believe in change but this waiting period is getting on my nerves. At some point I wonder if God doesn’t care about me or I just have this view about God that He his too comfortable to reach out to helpless me.

The little I know about Him, He expects me to be grateful.

So I ask Him, For what exactly?

He says, ‘For the fact that I kept you alive!’

I’m like very rude, telling Him, ‘that’s your mandate, that’s your choice. Afterall, if you kill me, who would arrest you?’

I can hear him giggle at my answer as one who is too powerful to mind the words of a young fool, saying to himself, ‘Really, after all I’ve done for Him?’

A Grateful Mandate He has give us all that we should worship, yet by our choice for He will not force his Will on man. I can tell of his kindness but his Pride, that’s just way past me.

I complain and pray and try to find a common ground between both, yet He speaks to me softly and makes me understand that even before I spoke into His big Ears he had heard me and Willing to help me always.

So I’m like, ‘Help me already for I wait for thy salvation!’

He’s like, ‘Read my Word, the bible, I will reveal myself to you’

Sincerely I get bored but what choice do I have, He his Faithful and Gracious. Challenges He tells me, they are meant to make your FAITH grow more fervently, that I should live in love with the most annoying people. Whoever says I should not fall and rise again as probably not lived.

In everything, give thanks for this is the Will of God concerning you in Christ Jesus. I have come to accept this mandate not worry about my dreams or his promises for my life. Be GRATEFUL, GOD IS FAITHFUL


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