Words can fight,

Words can talk,

Words can walk,

Words can wait,

Words can move,

Many words can make a Letter,

But how many words can really say I Love You.


Words make a speech,

Words can tell a beautiful story,

Words can tell a sad story,

Choose your words carelessly if you want to say the truth,

The truth doesn’t hurt in the long run,

But for short, you can cry the pain,

It means a lot to say I Love You,

It means too little to you to understand why,

It could take a million years to post the words of my love on your stony heart,

But no matter how stony, the Law was written on stones,

Could you find solace in the harms of a stranger?

Could you find the Meal of God in the hands of a Bad Chef?

Should I entertain your logical flowers of friendship?

Would I live to see you someday in the bosom of my friend?

And not say that God is a Liar? God forbid !

Let Love be true and every couple a liar,

If again you say you Love Me,

It’s probably the blue visage of my thought thinking in thoughts,

Thinking in the path of a blue dream visage,

Overly in Dreamland,

Dreaming dreams, Dreams dare to dream.

Nightmares and horrors,

Bad dreams and lonely nights,

Words even fail in the place of prayer…

So what hope is left?

When the fruit of Tongues is fruitless in understanding…

What work or labour of Love is enough?

This is not a complaint,

Probably a riddle of complaints,

But I pour out my heart to you…

To you my Father of all fathers…

To you Holy Spirit

My Dad…


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