Sarah Lost in Odyssey and Her Prince

Her Prince and his chariot from heaven…

From heaven,

His mandate he received,

On his way to Destiny,

He noticed she had found her way out of Odyssey.

The Prince,

His heart takes a little lip,

Of Faith,

Ready to accept his Fate,

Hoping it will be blissful,

Sure if they agree,

To find a common ground,

Where Que Sera Sera will not exist,

But that rather Desires will cohabit with them.

But her Prince had been through the greatest misery of his life,

Hurt and wounded, yet believing,

Doubtful and murmuring, yet in hope,

In pains and agony, yet rejoicing

Her path out of Odyssey is rough,

Many paths disappointed her,

Many of her new friends left her,

But she’s on her way out of Odyssey.

Her Prince, his chariot,

Moves faster than the speed of sound,

He finally covers the whole land of Odyssey,

In intense search for his bride, Sarah

He sees her footsteps on the sands of time of Odyssey,

It’s been a thousand years since she was there.

Looking at the Stars,

Favor dawned on him,

Till he became richer than the Sun,

Brighter than the Stars,

His light reaches the land of Odyssey,

He’s hoping that Sarah will see the light.

Sarah is finally out of her Odyssey,

In search for her prefect city, again,

Yet again, she found another land,

On it, there is a kingdom,

Odyssey is the Kingdom,

Ruled by a Prince,

But her Prince dwells amongst the gods.

Her beauty attracts the Prince of Odyssey,

He falls for her,

They fall in Love,

So the day is set for them to be pronounced,

To live happily ever after…

Will the gods watch and see wickedness in Odyssey…?

land of odyssey

The Land of Odyssey where Sarah and Her Prince could be…


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