Poetry; Young Hart

Hey my child!

Young and tender hearted,

The heart of a fairy tale,

The sweet voice of the opera!

The sweet smelling savor of heavens

Why art thou wandering among the green pasture?

Like a lost sheep without her Shepard,

Your pink fair countenance make you stand out among the green plants.

Be careful my child!

That’s the garden of the king!

Make haste, run for your life lest he set his eyes on your fair face.

The rain had blessed the vegetation,

God also had blest your destiny with beauty

Little child, come to me; let me tell you what the future looks like.

Can you explain Enigma my learned child? So the future is; mysterious not difficult.

Parables and riddles

Even jokes must be solved to tell the story.

When the way gets dark never look for me lest you find another

Am always seated in the citadel of your soul searching for words

Words that can be found outside the alphabets of letters

Coz the togetherness of letter results to words

Could have told you more but holding of hands, matching of the shoulders and to taste the honey comb of thy lips speaks crystal clear to your heart of understanding. Peace.


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