Sarah Lost in Odyssey

lost in odyssey green

The Greatest War ever is yet unfolded,

But the battle has been bloody.

Her Prince is tossed,

To and Fro

But undoubted,

His conscience is pierced,

His heart has gone astray,

Yet in his God, he found vindication.

She remains in her Odyssey,

Her Prince searched for her Odyssey,

He did find it but…

He got lost himself,

What can Belief do?

What can’t doubt not do,

He gives up,

At the gate of her Odyssey he dreads to wait on her.

A thousand Roses grew all around him,

Lebanon trees became his refuge,

But his Rose was inside Odyssey,

Lost but not forgotten.

In her Odyssey she hopes to find a path,

Her Prince could hear her, Sarah’s footsteps walking away further and farther,

His Chariot descended from heaven…

From heaven…from heaven…

(Part Three coming soon)

{Dedicated to a Promise#Sarah}


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