MEN THAT SAW GOD? (Part Eight)


“JESUS!!! Please help us! Care not that we perish? Or is this the way you treat your followers??!! “The Lady Lawyer screamed.

Immediately, He came as if he had been waiting for that call but as usual he asked; “What do you want me to do for you?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, seriously Jesus, I was never told you could tease or ‘wine’ somebody? We are drowning here and there you are asking if I don’t want to die?” The Lady Lawyer replied ferociously.

The Old Philosopher was stunned while the Scientist was astonished but the Atheist spoke in anger “If you be what those mad Christians claim you to be then prove to them that you are what you say you are!”

The Shepherd Man smiled at the Atheist and while he yet smiled, the storm ceased such that there was a great calm. They all looked around and were amazed at such miracle that had happened right before their very eyes.

The Atheist spoke again; “It’s obvious you started the storm but because of your pride in the lips of your faithful and blinded followers you did this!”

The Shepherd Man smiled again, and this time he dipped his hand into the sea and drew out a wheel chair which he handed over to the Atheist.

“Why are you giving me a wheel chair?”Asked the Atheist

“Who are those that make use of that kind of chair?”The Shepherd Man replied.

“Impaired or maimed people off course”

“You said so” replied the Shepherd Man with a smile

So what’s gonna happen next? Asked the Atheist

The Shepherd Man smiled again and the Atheist fell on the wooden ground of the Ferry.

He sat immediately for the smile seemed more like a command tone given to a robot, the Atheist noticed that his feet became numb as though there was no life in his leg. He tried to stand immediately but fell again. His colleagues soon learnt a vivid lesson and each made a solemn promise that no matter what happened, they will learn to keep quiet.

The Lady Lawyer who had panicked earlier had not recovered fully from the shock. She began to feel as if the water was covering her leg, her imaginations began to run wild but was wrong as she found herself in the centre of her fear quickly sinking into the sea, without life-jacket. She screamed out for help, immediately the so called Shepherd Man came to her rescue and was about to ask if she needed help but she perceived he might want to bring up such question so she smashed in and made her helpless plight known to him. Still He spoke, “O ye of tiny faith…he that keepeth his life shall loose it and he that looseth his life for my sake shall find it and I will give him much more abundantly”

“Mr. Jesus, I thought you said you changeth not, qualifying one of the statement a disciple of yours made about you, that you are the same Yesterday, Today and Forever; then how come your words change from little faith to tiny faith?” asked the Old Philosopher

“How come you know such a thing about me and don’t believe?” Said the Shepherd Man

“Well obviously, my family background based their life precepts on you but I grew up and matured dumping some of your unrealistic theories” said the Old Philosopher

The Shepherd Man laughed and this time the left hand of the Old Philosopher withered. AHH!! He screamed. “What kind of wicked and cruel laughter was that made my hand wither yet those lame Christians call you Savior? It’s obvious this is how you treat them because most of them are sick yet they still put their hopeless faith in you!” he realized he had spoken harshly but refused to repent of his word as he judge himself of his withered hand, like he deserved it?

The remaining part of their journey was quiet but amazing because each had the opportunity to walk on water as soon as their Ferry sank to the lower part of the sea. While the Atheist, who was riding gently on his new means of transportation via wheel chair, became the first man to move on the sea with a wheel chair, he was not a happy chap though.

It’s been a long journey and they were very eager to see the Father, they arrived safely at the other side of the sea and the terrain again was different. The Shepherd Man picked up pace as he walked towards the beautiful gate of a certain city, although the Old Philosopher read an inscription written on one of the gate pillars, “city of saints”. Despite his withered hand he didn’t believe because of the knowledge he possessed, while he was on Earth he is usually called a professor. He said within himself, “there’s no such thing as city of saints”. He said this because he believed no man is perfect therefore his definition of saint is that they are perfect and such a kind doesn’t possess weakness of any sort. Although the Shepherd Man knew this thing that he thought but revealed it not to him.

          “Ephphata”, meaning be opened! The Shepherd Man spoke to the gates. At the opening of the gate, there was a loud shaking sound, a high degree tremor, quite freighting. The Scientist concluded immediately that the gates had not been opened in decades.

“Even more than decades my child, you think well my friend because narrow is the way which leads to life. We don’t at often times have people coming through this gate, coming in to have their eternal rest. But once a while like this, when the gate is opened it makes so much noise that my Father hears from his throne room and prays to me to go and check who had just made it to and through the gates. Unfortunately, only few, infact in most cases one person” said the Shepherd Man.

The Scientist was puzzled at the speech of the Shepherd Man which seemly was related to his thoughts and at the same time was offended that the Shepherd Man called him a ‘child’. But then he enquired of the Shepherd Man, “How where you able to know my thoughts?”

The Shepherd smiled and said “blessed are those of you who are not offended at my words, that I call ye children, you’ve been this long and close to me and yet you ask ‘how doest thou know my thoughts?”


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