Men that saw God?men that saw God

The Scientist reminded the so called Shepherd Man about the empty throne and asked how they would find their way back to the location. Then the Shepherd Man asked a question with emphasis on the Scientist.

“Is it possible for man, mere mortal to walk on water?”

He looked up, his eyes started rolling as thoughts came rushing through his mind, and he wanted to be careful to answer the question because the One who asked him had proven a certain fact that mere mortal couldn’t walk on water but…

“What’s taking you so much time to answer a simple question like that?”asked the Lady Lawyer as she interrupted his thoughts then the Scientist asked “What part of your legal law supports that human should walk on water when they are stranded?”

“Well, I don’t think that’s any of my business since I don’t deal with the theory of Cause and Event scientifically, if my client commits murder and he can pay me heavily, I’ll only need to do my best so that he doesn’t spend a long time in jail!”She so said.

“What’s the essence of this argument, after everything we had experienced, should we any further contemplate our next adventure, My dear Scientist, remember our brother Newton who proved this Law that ‘ what ever goes up must come down’…”

So…??? The Atheist was inpatient…

Therefore, let’s answer him based on what we know about what is true and what can be proven, simple! The Old Philosopher continued…”Or except you think science can prove walking on water?”

While they yet argued, the Shepherd soon turned around to face the sea, intending to walk away from them. The Lady Lawyer called their attention to him. The Scientist asked if the Shepherd Man had a boat or ship or something that could make all of them journey together on the sea, the Lady Lawyer didn’t like the idea because she disliked travelling by sea cause of the fear of drowning so she requested for a life jacket.

The Shepherd Man replied “so be it according to your faith, o ye of little faith”

The Atheist protested “Hey! Young man, I have no faith or form of beleive in any of your magic nether is we as dumb like Christians to believe that you are God!”

After he had spoken, he lost his peace but wouldn’t share his troubled thoughts with anybody except the Shepherd who was able to perceive the thoughts of his heart.

Just then, a medium sized Ferry ride came up, out of the ocean close to the shore and they were all amazed. While their amazement spanned through the moment, the Shepherd Man started walking as aforetime on the sea.

The Scientist soon concluded that everything that is happening and that had happened had been a big dream.

They soon boarded the Ferry ride so as to continue their quest in finding God the Father.

They had reached the middle of the sea, their obvious place of destination was becoming clearer and clearer, just then a great storm arose. The Lady Lawyer panicked more than her peers. Her phobia of sea traveling will soon befall her. “I am doomed!” She said. The storm became more violent such that it was now clear that they will all drown.

“What a horrible death to experience!”Said the Old Philosopher

The Atheist soon replied “what’s more to life for you, you are close to death naturally than any of us here, why fear death?”

“That’s where you got it wrong, as for me, am too old to die” the Old Philosopher replied vehemently.

“Will you stop this vain and futile otherwise ambiguous arguments, it is not helping!!!” The Lady Lawyer shouted at the top of her voice

The Scientist also shouted “Can’t somebody call that Shepherd Man for help before we all perish?”

By this time, water had over flooded their Ferry ride while the so called Shepherd Man had walked some few distances ahead of them and the storm. Despite the turbulent storm the Scientist noticed that above them was the only cloudy and stormy weather descended upon while the larger part of the rest of the cloud was normal also on the sea, the Shepherd Man off course was walking on a peaceful terrain…”what wonder”

He called the attention of his peers to notice the phenomena, each were amazed till…


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