THE word ‘Biphasic’ may not be a popular word but it simply means ‘two opposite things’.

We live in a world where Time is essential, we are never to be governed by it though but circumstances has thought us to wait for it. I learnt this the best way, by experiencing it first hand on many occasions.

Some say Time is a system, others say its a phenomena, but I say, it is a Planet and only the patient can visit her or dwell within her. Events of life have proven the power and wealth of Time but when it comes to love, Time in itself is compromised, if possible…

We want to fall in Love but Time cold be a major obstacle. It could be the reason why many perfect couples break up. Time can not birth a Biphasic factor but can ignite many Biphasic state of mind in mankind.

The Biphasic World of One Heart Walking Side by Side is a perfect terrain for Love to exist therefore, man is most times, oblivious of this fact. This truth has made many wander and jump from man to man and woman to woman, from heart aches to heart breaks. It amazes me that they coin up their experiences in a poetry or quote. Some believe it, because it is true but I don’t, because it foundations were never built.

No good fruit comes out of a bad tree, it’s not just the natural Law but also a supernatural Law. You can’t give what you don’t have, neither can you learn righteousness over night, plus you can never be over righteous.


Beth birth him a fortune of her heart

Ben gave her a thousand reason to die for it

But a covenant will over ride their Will of their essence.

They found themselves in the Biphasic World

Their heart being melted to each other,

Walking under the rain, side by side,

We all thought they would find solace,

We thought the cycle of lust and ‘love’ will reign.

Beth stopped, Ben stopped,

Both looked up, searching for words beyond the natural,

They found Tongues beyond the upper room,

Speaking and interpreting Tongues,

The world gazed at them and called them ‘Mad’.

Love fell in the hands of mankind,

Beth and Ben were Sons of Love

For God is Love.

This were the only people I found in the Biphasic World,

One Heart,

Walking Side,

By Side,

They Live,

They Move,

And found their Being in Love.

Let us not think that Lust will have success in Love, Let us not think that everyday is a way out mistakes that we are ignorant of. LET LOVE BE LOVE AND LUST BE LUST.

Author, Adedeji


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