yello love

She wouldn’t convince her conscience to hold her heart

In the truth of her destiny but Life was fair to her

Destiny was always calling

Her Knight in Shinning Armour

Became her night in dark nakedness

Nature made all signs clear without speaking in parables

Her Knight in Shinning Armour is named ‘Relentless’

But not the perfect shape of Long suffering

Wisdom exercised in all understanding to please her

She was but denied his journey a safe landing

Through the woods, his thoughts came alive

He saw her clearly, beyond her conscience

Where He knew she couldn’t deny

She looked around for his paradise

But he wasn’t interested in the highest luxury nature could offer

His imaginations were affirmative to the Will of Destiny

She had probably never spoken kindly to him

But in his imaginations, she said her words of Love

A testimony he dreamed he would her from her soft lips

He was always going to draw the first blood

He gained the air of the bliss there were surrounded with

So his speech became visible in winter’s cold breeathe

He closed his eyes, she opened her eyes

They saw a cottage filled with rose

The messenger of Lies came again

He had become stronger to beat her Knight in Shinning Armour

She waited for his defense,

She waited for his words,

She waited for his countenance to break to what she knew was familiar with her,


Modern Day came in through the Wall

The Woods disappeared

Four Walls came closing in on him

In his room…

He was in his nightmare and dreaming

Hanging unto his vein

Praying unto his God

A quick triple knock on the door

He hesitated for a while,

Reluctantly, he opened the door with his head bow

Ready to burst up with anger to the uninvited guest

He thought he knew who was knocking

A heavy breathing and an unfamiliar figure stood infront of him

With submission,

His countenance changed

Looking upward, she stood with a shy smile

He wished it wasn’t real so that he can wake up from his dreams

She pinched him,

With a band playing from a mile away

She hugged him hard,

His hand withered to wrap her in his arms

The ocean gates were set loosed in his eyes

Waters drip swiftly from his eyes

A miracle beyond his comprehension had hit him like a moving truck,

She said, ‘I LOVE YOU’

Words mumbled out of his mouth


In their arms, they made a restitution with time they were apart with a second

My Word of Love in Prose

This could be true in a million ways of Faith.

My Word of Love in Prose

(from my heart)

Dedicated to a special friend

Author; Adedeji



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