THE RISING SUN (Maybe life is Inconsistent)


(Maybe Life is Inconsistent)

The Rising Sun of Life is that we always expect to see the Sun (the Light) turn up in every dark of clear situations. Life is the craziest class to attend especially when her Lecturers are spirit, soul and body. Meaning, we can’t afford to miss such classes, texts, exams and result. We are quick to judge that Life is responsible for every good or bad thing we go through. Rather we fail to understand that Life in herself is Neutral. Neither opposing to success or failures, just lair for you to put in anything you desire.

Sometimes, I think Life is Inconsistent when it comes to maintaining the goodness of success. The Sun rises and Sets (Fall), but Life doesn’t? I am amazed myself!

 What then is Inconsistent if Life is just a Neutral Base! What wonder that Life is consistent in all things, all things! Never failing to surprise, never failing to disappoint.

A million factors are responsible because there be rulers of the system. Jesus and the devil.

You don’t have to believe but you very breathe bears Jesus witness that He is real.

Humanity depends on the Rising Sun and they tag it as the beginning of a new Day, a new Life. The human subsidiary in nature also depend on this phenomena.

As a writer, when I wake up, if I take good care of my thoughts, I know how much words can spring up of my heart, searching the reins of my soul in deep reverence to God.

Life maybe inconsistent in so many ways but this is not to contradict my words.



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