It sounded convincing when I lost common sense,

Frustration was bent on buying my soul, but it was more expensive than a Benz

Nature made everything tense

When she invited the thunderclaps and lightning which made me a mess

The Law of Karma is inevitable

The Law of Nemesis is unavoidable

But for the Law of Nature, she is not careless

She builds a bridge but not meaningless

Can I become fearless

Even if boldness becomes baseless

Will I remain faceless

At this bridge, this bridge of Decision

I must find a certain precision

And back up my precognition

For after Life is beyond any reconfiguration

So I better be aware

Before enigma catches me unawares

This is the bridge of suicide

Without fate I must decide

For Faith lives at my Lakeside

I must die so I can live

This part of me must leave

At this bridge, I will let it go and plunge into her death.

No farewells, no byes, no “i miss you hugs”.

Be Gone!!!



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