Although, it’s been a decade since the United State government warned under-developing countries concerning possible fact of the existence of Aliens in human body or form. Other countries like Spain, London, Germany and France, Russia had reproved the United State government against such rumors, they claimed it was going to ignite a ‘global panic’, while other nations like; Israel, India, Greece and Jamaica had confirmed the fact that there is a large possibility that Aliens could be existing, in support of the United States.

Therefore, after several scientific investigations into the last terrorist attack on Nigeria by unknown group of persons, the major suspects had been noted, the Boko Haram sect but the attack was carefully investigated by Nigeria in conjunction with the United States and they proved it’s doesn’t have the regular signature of the highly suspected terrorist group, rather, the existence of these Aliens is viable by their known facts.

United States scientific investigations claims this fact, that Aliens don’t have long-span of life like humans do, because of Earth’s atmospheric condition which is not comfortable for their health, so they always die 10 days after arriving on Earth. How they arrived on planet Earth had not been revealed neither where they came from, is not known.

The news died down gradually but ever since a tragic and mysterious plane crash in Lagos, of which about 147 passengers supposedly lost their lives; the rumor of the existence of Aliens in Lagos began to rock Radio stations, TV stations in Lagos and Nigeria round about. Still most people didn’t believe, it was therefore concluded that it was only a myth, so the people of Lagos join the rest of the world to call it a ‘global myth’.

Great Britain (London), has since been silence ever since this tragedy hit them as well, because two off their citizens were involved in the mysterious plane crash of Lagos, 19th, July, 2000. The United State government quickly purchased the opportunity to revive their news of the existence of Aliens on Earth.

It was time somebody pulled up a stunt but Ben had refused the pleasure ever since Beth pressured him for a salvation from the traffic. Tony has a bad temper, but had been sleeping all the while against his own wish. He forced himself awake, strangely Ben felt weak.

Ben, Tony and Beth had been on an excursion of their High School class, Grade 5, to a Museum at Ibadan. They arrive Lagos as early as 6:00pm, evening dawned, and they had remained at Julius Berger Bridge, stuck at the Bus-stop, this bridge serves as a link between the boundaries of Ogun State and Lagos State, and they have been there for the past 5 hours.

Beth could perceive something terrible was about to spring up, but Tony was impatient so she closed her eyes in order to control Tony, her alien gift soon failed. Just then Tony got agitated and excused himself out of the school bus without the permission of the school bus driver, some teachers had gone ahead within the traffic, to fix it and joining hands with other law enforcement agencies to ease the burden, except Mr. Philip who was their physics teacher, he remained in the bus with the rest of the science students who were returning from the excursion.

Mr. Philip tried to pull Tony back into the bus but he rough shod his teacher, he ran towards the long vehicle which seemed to be the major cause of the traffic jam but behind him, Ben and Beth ran after him within the traffic. Tony believed so much in his super alien ability to move and lift heavy objects and that ‘fuel tanker’ is no match for him. Beth always closed her eyes while running so she could see, control and predict any moveable obstruction on her way, also it helped her reflexes, but never did this while walking casually. Ben usually called her a ‘Blind Runner’. Ben’s one step while running is the 24th last step of every fast running human being on earth. He was like a ‘Flash’ while running but stayed away from his school inter house sport-athletics.

Tony will cause a big scene and expose Ben, the senior prefect boy and Beth the Punctuality Prefect girl; unconsciously proving that they are Aliens. Will the attempt of Ben and Beth really stop furious Tony from causing a big scene that might expose their true identities? Also, unknown to them their parents were also caught up in the same traffic!


Series to Come soon…stay tuned

Author; Adedeji Israel


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