Series-One     (The Lasgidi Alien Invasion)                                                                                                                                  The Invasion


Hello friend, my name is Nicolas Berkins and today is 3rd May, 2020, five hours to invasion, exactly 12:00pm, and I am off-duty. It is a good day to be with my family. We are quite popular in Lasgidi City and Gidi Town because of my family name, infact there is a proverb attached to it that, “if you don’t know the Berkins, then you don’t know what the shape of the stars look like”. I bask in the euphoria of that pride created by my great generations behind. But events that happened on this date changed the cause of my history.

Twenty-Four Hours before invasion, 2nd, May, 202O, my life was normal. It seemed to me that the last twenty-four hours of my life had been the best so far except for my son, Tony Berkins. He is not a happy chap. His school football team just lost in their finals. Tony played so well but his team couldn’t just bare the pressure the opponent put on them, they lost, four goals to three. Tony had scored twice to put his team on the advantage but it didn’t last much.

A father like me had to encourage him and his mum, my beautiful wife, Clara. We tried to pep talk him but he just couldn’t be consoled. I drove slowly across Broad Street in Lasgidi City which is on the main land, going to Gidi Town that is on the island, separated by Zoar River but joined by the Fourth Main Land Bridge. I work in Lasgidi City and my wife, from Sundays to Wednesdays’ and resume duty in Gidi Town from Thursdays to Saturdays. While our son schools within the town of Gidi. I salute my fellow officers on duty at the traffic junctions. I knew for once that Tony likes it when I drive fast, and I thought it well to speed up the car as soon I touch the fourth main land bridge, which connects to Lasgidi City on the main land to, Gidi town which is on the Island and the Fourth main land bridge is the only link to it.

It is quarter past Six pm, and my friends had started to call me not to miss the champions league match by Seven forty-five, I rep Barcelona by the way. I also had to attend a church service by Seven pm. I always have to decide this plight between international football and God. Well, the next few events will tell what I did with that decision.

In the next Seventeen hours, something will happen that will change this whole normal life, but I know some things that will not change, Love and family. It is a warm Wednesday evening and the traffic signals green light, so I chased a friend of mine, Lukas on the highway bridge thereby cheering up my son Tony. I waved Lukas down. He is a doctor and his sense of humor is pleasant. He can prescribe drug for almost anything including driving. I stopped to chat with him for a while but I never knew that will be the last time I will see him.

We had arrived Gidi Town just in time to decide if church will be attended. The calls kept flooding in from my friends while my wife saddled herself up for church. I had to switch off my phone because of the unending calls and make it for church. My family in the car again, going out. It is not always like this if I’m on duty of and my wife, a nurse, on duty. So I had to use this as an opportunity to be with my family. Church was worth it as the Pastor preached on ‘Love Unfeigned’, after an hour, I drove my wife and son home and went ahead to check out the football match. I still caught up with the second half and Barcelona won the match, having Lionel Messi score twice in the game.

Football argument soon eroded the sport bar, my friends and I talked for a while and we dispatched to our various families, driving slowly into the neighborhood. The Street lights are enough and I turned off my car head lamp. Dinner had been served; Tony is engaged with his video game. My wife seating across the dining table staring at me like we were on a date could only mean one thing for me, ‘money’. Off course, a delicacy for a simple dinner comes with a price. So I asked her to update about me about the family needs and expenses, so we engaged ourselves in analyzing our duties and responsibilities to fulfill them.

My dear friend, I am taking you through this history class so you can know how much I enjoy my ordinary lifestyle. We never miss our night prayer, either together or individually, after which we go to bed in our four bed room flat.

6:00 am, Thursday morning, after the morning devotion, I quickly reached for the TV remote to check for major headlines. Unlike last three weeks when I was on the news, because my team and I had caught a gang of thieves who were robbing on the Fourth main land bridge. I felt so honored and my son made a show of it in school and I had an award to that success.

The headlines this faithful Saturday made my hear tingle a bit, that a certain space ship from nowhere is heading towards Earth from space, and it might land on Earth in the next two hours. Tony easily concluded that Aliens will invade Earth soon but I couldn’t place any comment. For I know that no Alien fiction News is real. The News hour program ended and my wife requested me to drive her to her workplace on the main land, Lasgidi City. I quickly grabbed the car keys and a napkin to clean up the car. I had a quick shower as well and afterwards, she was set to go. Tony decided to join us, giving up the adventure game he was playing on his video game.

It is Thirty minutes past eight (thirty minutes to invasion). Radio stations picked up the news immediately as I tuned up the car stereo, the radio Presenters mouth water the incoming event in less than thirty minutes. Information about the possible location where the space ship might crash land became a big rumor as the famous Lasgidi Bridge was mentioned. Some said it might crash land on it others said it might just land inside the gentle sea. Gidi Traffic can be predictable unlike Lasgidi City traffic; it is as deadly as a Rattle snake bite. If you know your way around Gidi and avoid the focused business and trading areas, you might save yourself from trouble and loss of time. Talking about short cuts, I know quite a number, inorder to maneuver such natural delays of the traffic. I soon climbed the Fourth mainland bridge, with Zoar River beneath it, only to realize that police officers and the military had put a barricade on either sides of the Bridge, making sure that no one was allowed to climb the bridge except for those who were exiting the Bridge. They allowed those who found themselves on the bridge move quickly off the bridge when the information confirmed where the incoming space ships will be landing.

Such days as this, is a good day to be a police officer off or on duty. Being a Cop, on such a day as this will make me gain access to information about what is really going on. My wife quickly concluded that she won’t be able to make it to work that day so she called her office to inform her colleagues. Obviously, they had sent her a message not to resume duty that day but she missed it. Clara drives as well, so I told her to pilot the car away from congested traffic on the Bridge and drive home while I resume duty even though I was off duty, she kissed me good luck and Tony waved his goodbyes. I approached the police officers in uniform, presenting my Identity Police card. They let me in to perform my duties, giving me a pull-off jacket inorder to avoid restriction by others in uniform.

Soon, a black object appeared in the clear open skies. It was approaching our direction with a loud noise, we all gazed up and couldn’t pick it shape, it didn’t look like the regular airplane or rocket but it was sure falling towards our direction, like a lightning bolt of fire.

Series Two to Come Weekly


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