My Rap Lyrics 1

Yeah Brothers and sister don’t you think its time for you to offer God some praises Instead you seat there and complain about how hard it’s been over the decades Forgetting that a day it’s like a thousand years before God and a thousand years is like a day before God

Why don’t you count your blessings and Praise God for those the things He had done for you

Especially for those things He did without you asking for them.

Many times you slept and your dreams frightened you,

You felt twas all over but He sent His Comforter (Holy Spirit) to give you strength

You still hung up on God coz of those things you asked for that he’s yet to do

Believe me it gets to me too

But as believers we should know that all things work together for our good and that our God is never late only put your trust in him he’s faithful



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