They are harmful but not all of them. They are extraterrestrial beings, not witches, not wizards, not ghost, not mutants, not warriors, just another wonder from another planet invading our planet, our home, Earth. They are definitely strangers who have no regard for the human race and I plan to teach them Respect 101.

They came to Lasgidi City to resolve a family matter all the way from their desolate and mundane planet orb destroyed by war and in battle shambles. They decided to stay beyond their holiday schedules and then, they over stayed their welcome. They soon received an eviction notice, but since they saw something precious in Gidi Town, their objective changed and needed to negotiate.

Lasgidi City River, named after a popular musician ‘Zoar’, meaning ‘little’. The Zoar River is enriched with Blue Crystal Stones and ever since her discovery, a year after the millennial end of the Nineties; the Federal government never retired her interest in it. Major part of the Zoar River can be seen under the Fourth Main land Bridge. Over the years, these Blue Crystal Stones had been rediscovered in many ways which can be reproduced and be utilized in diverse ways. One of which is that, after proper magnesium processing of these Blue Crystal Stones is engaged, it can be used for special Liquid weapon against external orbital forces. Although, this is true but not proven, because we had not encountered such forces, but it is lethal against human forces. Not until the invasion of these strangers, they did well to enlighten our minds to the true potentials of these blue crystal stones. They made this and decided to stay and drill it all away!

Alas! Gidi Town need no new settlers, there’s no space to accommodate strangers because even our citizens suffer among plenty, why should strangers? They came, they saw and wanted to conquer but Lasgidi put up a good fight. Just then, I showed up on the scene, wrong time right place. I fell into unconsciousness and woke up a different me, what happened and how it happened bores me but my new me is “Super and dope” and I like it!

They call themselves by a family name most of us may not be familiar with; the first family call themselves the MALIGN and the second the BENIGN. The word “hate” is best to describe these duos because they dislike each other reasons you will be familiar with shortly.

We had often seen such in movies, about Aliens invading New York, London and the rest alike and agreed it is all fiction. I totally agree with that but what I saw on the 3rd of May, 2020 gave me a million reasons to believe that Aliens exist and to add to that, the Maligns and the Benigns are different from the regular Aliens we see, superior to Zombies.

I heard curiosity is a gift so I bought one for myself. A regular police officer of the law in Gidi Town, whose life changed in a matter of seconds, a living legend, and to be named the new Sheriff in Lasgidi City.  Today 17th of June, 2023 is a new day and I intend to make new discoveries. The world is changing in split seconds and only the curios ones can make their voices heard.

Some people call me the “Gidi vigilante”, others say I am “a shadow protector” but the best I like for a nick super hero name is what the ladies call me, “Gidi’s finest man in uniform”. It comes with an acronym “GF-MU”, but when I perform my duties, the locals hail me and say, “The Super Cop is jobbing his work”.

Do I have Super powers, yes! Do I have super strength, yes! Or best summarized, is everything about me super, I just say yes and yes again and again. Meet the Super cop, Nicolas Berkins; I have a lovely wife and a volatile son and a beautiful family, and friends threatened by enemies, the MALIGNEES. They don’t just understand the word “love and peace”.

The Malignees are evil by birth; harmful by nature and injurious to mankind while the Benignees are kind, gentle and safe for the health of mankind. The family matter that made them to chase themselves from their home planet, Alingness, to Earth goes thus;

A certain Prince of the Malignee Aliens couldn’t resist his unruly interest in a beautiful daughter of the Benignees. She wouldn’t agree to marry him but her tribe the Benignees, were at the mercy of another invading tribe, the Kengaz. They always oppressed the Benignees tribe during the quarterly harvest, take away their farm crops and cart away their hard earned profit.

To think it enough that the Malignee will be willing to offer a helping hand, will always come with a price. Still a help in time saves thousands, the Benignee agreed to give their daughter in marriage as a reward for help from the Malignees, but on a condition that the first child will be given back to them, the Benignees. The Malignees dare agreed?

Afterwards she conceived and bares a boy. The Malignees later discovered that the birth was in tune with longstanding DNA or Generic information (prophecy). The calculated and monitored generic information order that I called prophecy cited and illustrated that the; boy in whom the DNA/generic information will be found intact within his body, will destroy the Malignees and make the Benignees slaves during his youthful life years reign, afterwards set them free to rule over Alingness, their planet.

Now I call it a ‘Prophecy’ so that you can understand what is really happening, it is not like a witch or Godly prophecy we hear pronounced by prophets or Seers. These aliens operate on a different pedestal from our regular or supernatural human antics. It is not a prophecy in the respect of these aliens, it is a DNA-Generic information systematic order that had been passed on throughout the whole alien population, both the Malignee and Benignee clan and monitored throughout it life span. The DNA-Generic information order had been passed from the generations of both alien clans over a thousand years and got missing along the line.

In human science, DNA or Genetics is the study of Genes is different from the chemical formation of these aliens. Human science says that DNA contains instructions meant for the sustenance of the body and also gives instruction for reproduction. Also, that DNA contains genes that can be transferred to offspring. In the case of these aliens, their genetic makeup which will be identified in consequent chapters is far different from the human DNA make up and it gives a clear cut difference in operation. The event of this DNA-Genetic information order had occurred before but not against the Malignees. A certain alien tribe that waged war against the Benignee Aliens encountered the antic mimic of this generic information order and they were totally (wiped out off the face of their planet), Alingness. Now the Malignees have calculated that such a thing will repeat itself again, they are ready to put it to a halt!

The Benignees clan possesses a gift of directing this Generic information order to favor them absolutely, the Malignees envied them for this great innovation of influencing the generic order but they also had a gift, an evil genius who created a Mutancy effect, in opposite contrast to what the generic order should function. This, they frustrate the Benignees. For this cause, they realized that the first tribe to lay hands on this wonder boy rules their world! Ever since, they chased themselves throughout the galaxy until they found Earth and Lasgidi an abode.

They invaded at Gidi’s Town finest moments, a time when Cops barely had criminals in chains or behind bars, even, the prison cells were scarce of prisoners and if any, there were minor cases and released after serving minimum jail term. The level of crime reduced and citizens of Lasgidi could barely remember when last there was a terror outbreak of crimes. The alien invasion changed the peace mentality of Gidi town loyalist into a defensive mechanism, just then was I ‘born again’ to set apiece and inorder the distorted state of Lasgidi and these alien families, especially to flush out the evil art of the Malignees and grace the prowess of the Benignees.

I am, the Super Black Cop, for justice and honor, therefore, I pledge to Lasgidi my home, to be super, super and duper, to serve Lasgidi is compulsory and also to serve the Benignees is not compulsory but necessary. To uphold the peace and integrity of Lasgidi City and Gidi Town, God have mercy! Amen.




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