(desperate cry out for mercy)


The road of necessity ends only to begin with the bridge of possibilities

The wind will surely blow; against all odds the scepter of faith can never be shaken.

So let the oceans of deep imaginations sink the ship of realities

Even when we know that vision is a clear picture of unseen realities

The stormy wind of fate may scare the captain

Because whirl wild imaginations wreck the ship already

O ye laborers work hard and let not your heart know it

With faith, God will reward you.

See give thanks in all situations, it’s never easy when we are weak for even in it will He show His strength and perfection.

After these, let the mountains that bare notable records with Earth’s history be removed and thrown in to the sea!

The captives of the mighty shall be taken

Behold even the lawful captive of the mighty shall be delivered.

Let the kings of the Earth do my laundry and their queens cook my meal always.

If I’m going to be the best let me trained by the finest of all; elders, saints, nobles, princes, princesses and knights!

Nickname me perfection, sundry me without the sun.

If at all I need a bath, take me to the best of the world’s fountain,

 Solace me not with mermaids

So my body defile not.

Wash my heart with the sponge of righteousness,

Let the soap of mercy be thy product choice

Deep me in the water of cleansing,

Finally make me your favorite among your saints!

Am I asking for too much?

Please bear with me.

 What can I hide from thee O Lord my God?

 My personal and inward sin condemns me by the judgment of thy righteousness.

If not, how then will I build a house of confidence in the days of my many troubles?

Please go further to wash me in the blood of the Lamb,

Set my foot on the solid rock so my enemies move me not.

They have devised a channel for my iniquities and set it as a way before you to rekindle anger against me the apple of thine eyes.

How is it that you won’t smite me in evidence of the vain thoughts of my heart?

Deliver me with thy merciful mercies,

Let them not prevail over and against thine anointed,

Make no tarrying,

Make haste! O LORD

Make haste!!



BY; Adedeji Oshigbesan


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