It’s like a spade in the gravel

Like a pin in an ocean

Like a feather in the cloud

Like a crown on a head

Like a green snake in a green grass

It’s a village within the four walls of a soul

The soul of a young lion dreaming the impossible

He is a vegetarian and hates the smell of blood

In his dreams, he saw night mares chase death

Birds can grow like trees

Trees can sing like birds

The land can wash like water

The sea is as solid as rock

The cloud is beneath his feet

The ground is above is head

The slave rules the kingdom

The king is an outsider

The good is bad

The bad is right

The school of evil is compulsory

The school of good was too expensive for the wicked

They that learnt evil remained poor

The illiterates were illuminated and straight with riches

The opera was their god

Even when the sound of the opera was a forbidden tone

Their wine press was always fat and full

But their men were never drunk

The women were forbidden to drink wine

Yet their women were called drunkards

Their children were never grateful

Some cursed the day they were born

Others cursed the bowels of their fathers

And rebuked the strength of their mothers in the day of conception

Because good education was the last legacy

And now, a forbidden culture!

Bread to the mouth was a tradition

Sin was the title of their philosophy

Emerald and Edelweiss followed Rose to the land of extinction

Babylon was their greatest enemy

She stole what had been stolen earlier

But she didn’t still sin?…Hmmn!

Integrity, Loyalty, Trust and Faithfulness

Were nobles of the village!

Taken captive by Babylon to be slaves in their state

This village in Odyssey became a low estate

Desolation soon came and ruled over them,

Only for a thousand years, and a day!

This village in Odyssey are the words of this poem


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