What’s good about the day when I’m not Job,

My name is Peter if at all I must hear any bad news it should be the death of my friend Jesus whom I denied thrice.

If I was told to pick between life and death;

Death will be a thing of joy.

Who can stop the opera from singing?

Her voice came unexpected while the inhabitants of Babylon were asleep.

How are the mighty fallen?

How can the poor stand?

If not in the land of the dead will be the abode of the rich

Lest the poor thinks of riches and have hope

Now I know what solution cannot solve

Have seen evil having it abode in heaven

Have seen evil under the sun

Failure is what pain cannot feel

Have seen what sugar cannot make sweet

Whatever consolation is left should be given to the dead

Except hope

Let hope remain in the desert of the dead

Lest the living think hope is an inheritance

Let life be gone from earth then the elders of the earth will remain?

No wonder mother nature told me the bitter truth from the beginning of life;

That life had ended when I was born

I asked if hope was left, none, no not one, none is left.

The forest will be a tree again and the deserts will be dry again

the ashes of hope

Dust to dust

Vanity upon vanity

Grace to grass

All in obedience to nature

Though the earth is spherical, for whatever reason it is not round

And there is no edge for any man to fall off, if so;

Suicide is betrayal

To trust is suicide

To avenge is foolishness

Being told is a risk

But the risk in life is not taking risk at all

So taking the risk in life is worth living

Then the theory is made effective;

What goes up comes down

Still nature disobeyed,

The sun is always up

Even the shy moon landlords the skies @ night

Great Babylon is under the siege of the termite and cankerworm and the palmerworm.

Even Rome is troubled with chaos that chases the throne to death

Babylon can save nations but who can save Babylon?


BY; Adedeji Oshigbesan


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