poe long way


We, Rome acquired freedom then the Syndromes came; called Democracy. Rome was only a child when I told him to have his birth,

then he washed his stomach.

My little child is growing, his name, Rome went to the forest to fetch me fire wood.

He challenged the tree in an unruly manner, she was about to fall but I the parent knew the direction where the tree was going to fall.

So I told Rome to leave the forest so He(Generation of Nigeria) can live to tell the story.

The offspring of the tree was planted by Rome to be his future bone of contention.

Now they spring forth, wild, bright and brilliant.

The burning bush is not consumed because of the off springs of Rome.

I watch Rome nurture his off-springs, they continue to grow and blossom, beautiful in the morning, bright at noon and never fall at sun set. They are not the future of tomorrow because they control the present future of the forest-the future is now.

The storms raged, the rain fell, thunder storms clapped, lightening married flash lights, nature ever celebrates, Rome can dance with azonto, she is his modern dress of his expression, and music was his favorite food,

his God attended to him in distress.

Rome saw happiness and joy at his entrance, he told peace to entertain his guest that came all the way from the city of heaven.

I was possessed with unending peace so I ever dated unity life was good.

Rome was built in a day and that day was a thousand years before God, let there be greatness; here I am so I woke up and discovered I was great-in that same day!



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