The Atheist wrapped up the whole matter and said, “off course homo sapien” referring to the Scientist”


It swooshed passed her hair and landed on the sand heavily, it seemed liquid by imagination but before she had taken a look at it, she thought it right that it’ll be a thick Liquid matter. Looking down at the spot where the liquid form landed, it was so red and concentrated so much that the sand could barely be seen.

The Scientist took note and wondered if the sky was raining blood, he quickly had to pocket a sample of the blood. Shortly after that, the Atheist looked up and saw a Man walking upon the water (ocean) towards the shore, holding in His hand a young Lamb with a shepherd walking stick.


“Very typical…!”Said the Old Philosopher

They all looked towards the sea and marveled at the wonder that came out if nowhere and now is making a progressive march towards their domain.


“What’s so typical about that?”The Lady Lawyer asked the Old Philosopher.


The Atheist wondered why the Lawyer wouldn’t recognize the popular Christ who walked on water as if it were an express road, still he refused to open up his thoughts.


The Scientist was totally shocked and dumb founded. He soon concluded that he was dreaming.


The hospital is not one of her favorite place to visit because her phobia at the sight of blood frightened her, it been one of her childhood dilemma.

As if it were purposeful, the blood dropped more around where she was standing but her eyes remained focused on the Man walking on the sea.


“My Learned friend, I should presume that you had put a lot of innocent people behind bars or had passed a death sentence on Just souls” said the Atheist to the Lady Lawyer.


She got angry and wanted to reply just then, the Man walking upon the sea stepped his foot on the sandy shore and spoke.


“Dear children, sons of the Most High, you are welcomed to our home”. Said the Man who had just ended his journey on the sea


The Scientist wondered what kind of salutation he was proposing to them. Why call adults children. The Lady Lawyer was offended at that stamen that included ‘children’ especially the Old Philosopher who responded vehemently, “look here young man, if at all you had lost your respect while walking on the sea then let me help you find it. You look like you are aged in your early 30’s and I am 75 years old. If any is a child here, then you are the youngest”


The Atheist called out, “Hey! Shepherd boy or should I call you Shepherd Man, do you know where the Man on White hood disappeared to or has he sent you to lead us to the One who will answer all our questions?”


The Shepherd Man answered, “I am He”


The Old Philosopher started to LOL ‘laugh out loud’ and said” what kind of self appraisal is that?”


He replied softly “I changeth not”


They all laughed, especially the Scientist.


He said “If time changes how much more you, mere mortal? When you walk, you change positions and posture, so how come you claim not to have experienced any change, even the dead change by decomposing. More so you look 30/35by age and that makes common sense common that atleast 30 years ago you were just a baby!”


The Old Philosopher agreed according to the opinion of the Scientist

“Honestly have heard funny and weird things today but this, never! When the constant thing in life is change”


The Atheist kept awfully quiet because he felt like the whole event had made him believe something that is against his will more so the journey to their answer was becoming much farther and complicated.






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