The Old Philosopher interrupted, “Mr. Man, go straight to the point let’s not take any more time or have you forgotten that time waits for no man?”


“Says who? (He laughs) No, no, not here, not ever have been here” said the man on White hood.


The Scientist quickly joined the discussion by asking “what are you trying to insinuate, that time doesn’t exists here? Look young man, Time is inevitable, it a large part of nature and moreover, we’ve been following you diligently for the past 45 minutes and yet you claim there’s no time?”


“Have no need to worry, the One that knows all things will give you your answers accordingly”, said the Man in white hood.


They soon noticed a big room well decorated majorly with gold and diamond and other precious stones. They all admired and claimed that it was beautiful and were eager to know what was inside the room. As soon as they entered, there was a loud noise of angels and 24 Old looking people shouting including some incredible looking creatures, four in number…” The Old Philosopher remembered reading such scriptures in the bible from the book of Revelation  4:11 “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”


After a while, they all disappeared including the Young Man on White hood. The Four Professionals soon became sore afraid and wondered what was gonna happen next?


They soon began to find their way, towards the gates.

The Lady Lawyer promised to sue the man on white Hood, the Old Philosopher said “what the essence of you filing a case against someone you can’t catch”

The Scientist was scared and wasn’t too happy about what happened because the event didn’t follow the law of science. Soon the Atheist soon questioned the Scientist and told him to prove the event as well as the Philosopher. Just then the Lawyer accused the Philosopher that what part of his field could prove the feasibility of the event.

The Philosopher replied and said “that the world is in phases, infact biphasic”i.e. two sided.


Suddenly there was a heavy rumbling, shaking that they thought an Earth quake was about to happen. They became more terrified such that they wouldn’t stop shouting and seeking mercy from the Man on White Hood to save them. About 10 yards from where they had falling due to the deep ‘Earth like tremble’ they had experienced, a loud and fearsome thunder landed close to them such that it created a big hole in front of them. The ‘Earth like-quake’ they experienced became even more serious and it discomforted each one of them, moving them with such uncontrollable force which made them edge towards the big hole. Closer and closer, and closer, off course, at this point they all thought that they had met their end.


She made a vow never to worship God because of such cruelty, the Lady Lawyer had proposed in her heart.


The Scientist was still careful enough to take a keen glance at the room and observed a careful detail. He noticed that everything they were experiencing was not affecting the beautiful room. In fact, he noticed a big seat, also well decorated. On a closer look while edging close in to the big ditch, he realized the seemingly big seat looked more reasonable as a throne.


The Atheist professor noticed the same thing and wondered what kind of King will ignore His throne and walk away, although he thought it well that such person could be who they were looking but ignored the rush of his thoughts.


The Old Philosopher wouldn’t say or utter a word. He remembered that when Christians experience such unprecedented event that they will always call on their invisible God to save them but since he didn’t believe, he remembered one of the scholars he read a book on which had this quote “that life is an evolution” meaning, life starts again after a generation had passed away. He knew this saying wouldn’t save him on the spot, because he believed death is inevitable.


Each holding on to the ground, suddenly they heard a sound; it sounded so great that one could imagine and tell that over thousands of trumpet were in play. The sounded lasted 7 minutes after there was silent for about half an hour.


Little did they notice for about half an hour that they had been on a stable ground, except for the scientist whose pen dropped…

Out of shock and amazement he screamed out…”Oh! The Lord saved us”


She giggled, “Whence did you believe in the Unseen God of the Christians?” Said the Lady Lawyer.


The Old Philosopher laughed and said “My Learned friend, how did you know he was referring to the God of the Christians?”He spoke to the Lady Lawyer.


The Atheist could bear witness with his conscience that it was a supernatural intervention but he vowed within himself never to utter a word.


During this moment, salty water splashed on each of them. Again the Scientist took quick practical steps to confirm the fact the salty water wasn’t a coincidence rather he looked around and his hand fell deep into sand…”could this be possible that we are on a beach?”Although he asked nobody in particular…

Part Three Coming Up soon…

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