This is a classical science fiction comical novel, serial though but enjoyable. It’s about Aliens invading Lagos popularly called ‘Lasgidi’. When the Aliens invaded, there was also the rise of an hero called the ‘Super Black Cop’. Created out of series of accidents to save humanity from extinction…


Prologue (Part One) Scy-Fy New Series

They are harmful but not all of them. They are aliens-strangers, not witches, not wizards, not ghost, not mutants, not warriors, just another wonder from another planet invading our planet, our home, Earth. They are definitely strangers who have no regard for the human race and I plan to teach them Respect 101.

They came to Lasgidi City to resolve a family matter all the way from their desolate and mundane planet orb destroyed by war and in battle shambles. They decided to stay beyond their holiday schedules and then, they over stayed their welcome. They soon received an eviction notice, but since they saw something precious in Gidi Town, their objective changed and needed to negotiate.

Lasgidi City River, named after a popular musician ‘Zoar’, meaning ‘little’. The Zoar River is enriched with Blue Crystal Stones and ever since her discovery, a year after the millennial end of the Nineties; the Federal government never retired her interest in it. Major part of the Zoar River can be seen under the Fourth Main land Bridge. Over the years, these Blue Crystal Stones had been rediscovered in many ways which can be reproduced and be utilized in divers’ ways. One of which is that, after proper magnesium processing of these Blue Crystal Stones is engaged, it can be used for special Liquid weapon against external orbital forces. Although, this is true but not proven, because we had not encountered such forces, but it is lethal against human forces. Not until the invasion of these strangers, they did well to enlighten our minds to the true potentials of these blue crystal stones. This did they discover and decided to stay and drill it all away!

Alas! Gidi Town need no new settlers, there’s no space to accommodate strangers because even our citizens suffer among plenty, why should strangers? They came, they saw and wanted to conquer but Lasgidi put up a good fight. Just then, I showed up on the scene, wrong time right place. I fell into unconsciousness and woke up a different me, what happened and how it happened bores me but my new me is “Super and dope” and I like it!

They call themselves by a family name most of us may not be familiar with; the first family call themselves the MALIGN and the second the BENIGN. The word “hate” is best to describe these duos because they dislike each other reasons you will be familiar with shortly.

We had often seen such in movies, about Aliens invading New York, London and the rest alike and agreed it is all fiction. I totally agree with that but what I saw on the 3rd of May, 2020 …

Stay tuned for more. ..

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