After millions of years, scholars got frustrated about looking for God, especially the Scientists, Philosophers, Lawyers and Atheists.

 Just then they came together to end the Christian believe such that it would be a world law and general rule that no man should worship what he can’t see with his physical eyes!

Off course Christians got agitated but few of them got on kneel to pray to God.

They soon received an instruction from God that those who want to see Him should fast for 40 days afterwards He will appear unto them.

These scholars knew how rigorous this exercise would be so they made a deal….

“If after 40 days He doesn’t show up then Christianity will be a taboo but if He turns up then we’ ll serve God”

Deal? Deal! The Christians responded.

The Fortieth day came quickly and God was no where to be found. I think he likes being a drama King.

They threatened that all Christian faith depends upon now is mere 24 hrs.

The Christians prayed more fervently till they had no strength to utter a word.

41st day arrived and the world gathered to abolish the Christian religion just then a Man in white hood came to the scene and picked each representative of the groups that withstood the Sabbath practitioners.

A Lady Lawyer, a male Scientist, a male Atheist and an old Philosopher… Each of them without asking the Man in hood who he was, quietly followed Him outside where the conference was holding. Outside the Large conference hall, he told them to close their eyes if they wanted answers to their question… ‘Off course we want answers but no man might believe us if you tell we alone’ so the Man in white hood turned towards the conference hall and spoke out with a loud voice such that everybody in the room heard him clearly, there was silence as He spoke.

“I will take these people with me so that they can come back with the answer to your question” as soon as we exit this hall immediately switch on your television and watch this broadcast.

They soon left, but nobody seem to be asking the question ‘who are you man’ nevertheless the obeyed and turned on the large plasma TV on the wall and all fixed their eyes on the TV.

Outside the conference hall, they closed their eyes and in opening it they discovered that they have transported to another place but none of them asked where they were.

The Scientist noticed that as they walked on the green carpet grass, on like Earthly grass, with much experience that when you step on a green carpet grass it will bend or will be squashed under any heavy pressure but this particular carpet green grass didn’t express such weakness.

He thought it was a fluke or some sort of plastic plant mechanism. He bent thinking He will cut off one for specimen but it didn’t cut. After much struggle he prevailed.

He was fascinated with a rose flower he saw and did cut that off too. Plants and the general look of the natural habitat there seemed very strange but unique but he never mentioned a word to the remaining.

Some few steps ahead of the previous green carpet plain land, the Atheist noticed an Altar with an inscription “TO THE UNKNOWN GOD” He wondered and thought about Apostle Paul during one of his acts in Acts 17:23. Thoughts came rushing through his mind but uttered nothing.

The Lady Lawyer wouldn’t stop staring at a cross with an inscription “They crucified me because I told them the truth”. She was terrified and said to herself  “what kind of people will kill a man for saying the truth?”

The Old Philosopher soon came across some group of people talking aloud saying “perfection is an illusion”. He quickly agreed but the argument soon stopped on this phrase “My father Abraham and Job were perfect men”.

This Philosopher gave a hard long disagreeing nod and said no man is perfect.

Shortly after this, the man on white hood was standing at a big ancient gate and spoke a word in an unknown tongue but he noticed the Four that followed him were curious to know what He said, therefore he spoke in a Greek tongue saying “Ephphata, that is, be opened”.

Immediately the large gate opened with a great sound as such it seemed as if an ocean was rising up.

Finally somebody asked a question “where are you taking us to and why haven’t you answered our question?” the Lady Lawyer asked.

The Man on white hood replied with a kind voice “I am taking you to meet someone greater than I, One who can answer all questions and ….”


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