we need to be strengthened before help arrives



Like a woman in labour pangs, her cry will always be help. But the Doctors and her midwives will tell her to push. Basically, they are telling her to apply Strength.

Every time we tell God to help us. He his always willing, but God realized that before He arises from His throne to help us, we had given up!

Note; Your situation is not an emergency to God, so He is never in a hurry to heed your beck and call.

God said, “Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am thy God, I will Strengthen you, yes! I will Help you.” Isaiah 41:10

Note that God said the first thing He’ll do is to strengthen you, after which, He’ll help you. God is a God of process. He’ll not by chance skip any process; STRENGTH BEFORE HELP.

Ask for Strength, understand what strength looks like, endure difficult times and seasons, and for sure, your help will come speedily.

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2019 is in trouble!

So 2019 First Poetry – REVELOETOREY

the revelation of poetry, Reveloetorey

There be battles you need fight twice

For the ice cold of hatred is twice the ice

So fight again

Don’t quit again

This year will ride on the strings of time

You better ride on the strings of eternity

The best hunter is the past

Don’t be a prey

Floating in mid-heaven this year

May not work things out as always

Snap out of that comfort zone

Float a battle axe

Float a shield made of brass

Float your girdle

Float your helmet

Let your sword swing lightly and swiftly

For your enemy is never willing

To fight a fair fight

So 2019 first poetry

Look beyond Poetry

You’ll find “REVELOETOREY”

Yea! I said it here first….

Coming soon!


Happy 2019 in Anticipation

Whatever your expectations and plans maybe in 2019, make sure it something that gives a new light to the life you’ve been living and the life you expect to live from 2019 henceforth. Becareful of the tradition of new year resolution. Just make sure you practice what you preach daily.

Happy New Year in Advance.



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“High School Apocalypse”
Synopsis continuation.
By Adedeji Dejavu Oshigbesan

Linda gruppled to stand to her feet, finally, Best helped her. Expecting an apology from Lyshan will probably take eternity.
“Ladies, take to your ease, I never knew Elizabeth Williams Shepherdson had a dream!…(Ben was surprised that Beth did not caution Jada for spelling out all her names) I am only trying to link up the stories here. So help me by keeping quiet! When Benedicta Wells discovered that she had magical powers to manipulate anything and anybody at her High School, she decided to play pranks on her opposing parties. She soon fell sick and after running a few tests, she discovered that she was three months pregnant. Then she realized that she had been possessed by the spirit of her great, great grand aunt, aunt Monalissa, who is a sixteenth generation to her from the year 1500. This happened so she can fulfill a certain prophecy, but against all odds, she desperately searched for a solution to solve and unravel this mystery, because the consequences thereof will ruin her best chance at her high schools’ most prestigious awards.
She discovered three months after conception, how the baby got into her womb, she can’t understand how and why, she remained possessed of her aunt’s spirit which is now the pregnancy, it may ruin her High School dreams and as such, she decided to abort the baby but it kept coming back at her every attempt. Therefore, the struggle for balance between the realm of the spirit and her physical world unleashed on her deep secrets about Bethel Town and the involvement of her family through the generations behind her. Also, the raging kingdom battle of her generational aunts and uncles and parents unfold a new face for Bethel High School students as it concerns each student’s family.
Thus, the tussle for power and the generational quarrel between her aunt Monalissa and her great, great-grand cousins left Benedicta in the center of the battle.
The prophecy that a male child must be born through her lineage is believed to be a myth to Benedicta. Yet, it is predicted that such a child will be borne by magic through her and thus fulfill the prophecy inorder to revive Bethel, make her return to her original relic Stone object, or do the impossible, make her human. As such, the child must be sustained through and by Benedicta Wells and family. The news became her aunt Monalissa’s desire to bear because of the power that such baby will possess, but her intentions are of evil consequences for the people of Bethel Town, therefore is this baby used as leverage in the ongoing battle.
Benedicta soon falls in love with her magical prowess as she intends on using it to solve any situation especially her unknown pregnancy. She discovered a secret passage way in Bethel High School that led to a completely different world where she found her school in another dimension against her world, that Bethel High School is not actually a ‘school’ but a kingdom, going further, she met with pioneering students and old administrative personnel of Bethel High, even her late mother, Annabel.
At the most, the prophecy must be fulfilled at an appointed time else Benedicta loses her life in the present world and in the present time, 2014 and replaces aunt Monalissa in 1575 where and when her battle started. END OF THE BEGINNING OF STORY!” Jada Benz returned to her position.
“So what has this got to do with my Birthday or any other thing you have mentioned thus far? More so, everything you just said is more like the summary of the book Elysian subtly gave me read.” Beth questioned.
Jada Benz hit her forehead in another sigh of disappointment, including Margaret.
But Lucy was quick to respond.
“My dear Beth, the only reason why everything she had said concerns you and the book you read is because the Stone of Acrimony that became a tree some years ago became a school, a kingdom, now a legend written by common authors is now missing and Melysian knows who will find it in order to restore balance to some issues!”.
Side talks and murmurings overthrew the noises of the Cricket s and Frogs but for a while.
“You guys have got to be kidding me right now! Are you saying that there is magic involved in all of this script?” Beth demanded.
“It’s not magic, it’s bad luck!” Melysian answered.
“You should listen to her!” Elysian supported.
“Now listen again, I was about to simplify all that story into the ghost letter you received from Elysian…” Melysian said but was interrupted by furious Beth.
“First, before you say anything, (Beth raised her voice in frustration) why didn’t anyone tell me Elysian is a twin?”

To be continued.
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Teniola Akinwande
Adebayo A Rasheed Ariyo
Adenuga Adeola Michael
Nosar Phillips
Ude Ugo
Iyinsioluwa Ojo
Clement Oluwasanmi Ojo
Akinlade Oluwaseyifunmi Sky
Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu
Ebere Anyanwu
Emmanuel Okeh
Jhon Opeyemi Callisto
Opeyemi Soluade

High School Apocalypse (New Book Alert)

“High School Apocalypse” Romance • Drama • Magic
Synopsis continuation
By Adedeji Dejavu Oshigbesan

Linda lost her temper, punched Elysian whom was just recovering from Melysian’s punch. Flat on the ground again with nobody willing to help her, Jada Benz stepped forward to make clarity of the case at hand.
“Let’s no fret over nothing. I am Jada Benz, a lover and a nerd of the Greek Mythology. I believe Beth will know me even if the rest of you don’t?”
Pearl and Rebecca gave her a squall look.
With no audible response from anyone, she continued, “The Stone of Acrimony is one of the famous weapons of Eris, the goddess of Chaos, Confusion and Strife which the word ‘Acrimony’ is not alien to…”
“Actually…” Beth interrupted, “I thought Eris was the goddess of Wisdom and Intelligence?”
“Arrgh! I’m hugely disappointed at your fruit of genius…” Jada Benz said while giving Lucy a mocking glance.
She continued, “Athena is the goddess of Wisdom and Intelligence. Eris is my favourite, never was an hypocrite…”
“Just go straight to the point, will you?” Lucy said as she paced towards Ben and Beth, trying to comfort their frightened countenance.
“If I am not interrupted again, by now, I should be through!…” (Mocking Lucy again) She continued, “Once again, Eris is my favourite, never was an hypocrite. After she battled Perse, the goddess of Seduction over the souls of men, without an outright victory, she offered Perse a covenant, that whosoever will be able to love the creation of Zeus more than Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love will have access to the souls of men more. Perse foolishly agreed and fell for it and Eris took advantage. She broke the covenant and gained the access to the souls of men. Soon, her dirty deal made a man and woman fall in love in the midst of her handy-crafted war that almost took away the live of Zeus. This couple birth a daughter they named, ‘Acrimonus’. She grew up to be a demigoddess which was rare in those days. When she died, she became a huge rock which men of all ages searched out but without any luck of finding it. After all hopes were dashed, sometimes in the 1400-1500 century, a family came across it but she had disguised herself to being a tree, major reason why all that searched for her couldn’t find her relic…”
“Are we in history class right now?” Rebecca and Pearl murmured which distracted Jada Benz. Beth gave them a grave look of caution.
Jada Benz sighed in discomfort, “Babies…(she mocked) Now, as I was saying, sometimes later in 1702, a school named Bethel High which was a spiritual school by every means possible began to unravel her very own secrets by the hands of a young girl named Benedicta Wells…”
“I’m sorry, did you say Bethel High, 1702? How do you know about Benedicta Wells? Or should I ask how you got to know my dreams? THIS DOESN’T FEEL LIKE MY BIRTHDAY!” Beth gushed out her surprise as she remembered her dream, neither was Lyshan and Linda left out of the surprise packages. In a matter of seconds, Lyshan began to have second thoughts as to whom might be playing tricks on them as such persons might have revealed Beth’s dream to Jada Benz, off course, Linda, who was caught red-handed, snooping through Beth’s diary.
Lyshan punched Linda in the face at the thought of it…
“You Judas!’ Linda had thought she was six feet under the ground when a sudden punch hit her.
” Hey! Slow down! She knows nothing about this!” Jada Benz intervened.
“If so, how did you know about Beth’s crazy dreamy nightmare?” Lyshan demanded.
“You should blame Elysian babe!” Jada responded.
Elysian ran for cover, bending behind Ethan as Lyshan made her intentions clear, willing to erase Elysian from the world.
Beth vividly remembered when Elysian truly confessed that she made her read this story Jada Benz was beginning to narrate in a novel titled, High School Magical, which she later dreamt about.
(“Ok, Beth, I heard about your dream, the third dream, and I am sure it wouldn’t be the last. You amaze me Beth. You are a friend of literature and yet you forget that Shakespeare wasn’t a science fiction writer…You dreamt and claim you saw a female Harry Potter named Benedicta Wells, with a Wizard Wand in her hand. Beth, you once read about it in a book, a novel titled, ‘High School Magic’, and have you also forgotten that the novel claimed that the school, Bethel High was established year 1702, have you forgotten?”
“Yea I do remember, except that I didn’t pick it up from the school Library, it would seem as if someone forgot it deliberately on my car and I was gullible enough to pick it up and went home to read it during the summers…” Beth replied.
“Exactly my point, you dreamt about a novel…” Elysian said.

Lyshan interrupted…
“So because she dreamt about certain events and characters in a novel, of what relationship has that got to do with her having such dreams as nightmares?” Lyshan asked.
“No! Lyshan, first, who dropped the novel on Beth’s car? Should that also be presumed anonymous? Or is it not this infamous Elysian that must have done such a thing?” Linda demanded.
“Yes! I had to? I dropped it on her car on a Thursday, she started reading it on a Thursday and returned it to the school library on a Thursday…shouldn’t that ring a bell?” Elysian suggested.
“So, you are suggesting that Beth as some sort of paranormal connection with that particular day of the week?” Pearl asked.
“Isn’t it obvious?” Elysian asked.)
After her brain reminded her of the conversation, her heart raced, pondering if what Elysian had told her some days ago was true, that she was probably part of some paranormal-phenomena.
“Lucy, your poor protégé is shivering at half the story?” Jada mocked Lucy again.
“Jada, I didn’t come all the way here to listen to your insults, just say what you have to say and let’s move on!” Lucy responded as she robbed Beth’s shoulders.
“I believe you all know that this is beyond your young minds, Ethan?” Jada screeched at him while she gave Melysian a dauntful glance.
“My Lord, Speak on, I’ll handle the babies.” Melysian teased.

To be continued.
E-book to be available for #500 only after launching
On the 1st of December.
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New Book Alert Read Free Synopsis (High School Apocalypse)

“High School Apocalypse”
Synopsis continuation…see last posts for other parts of the synopsis
By Adedeji Dejavu Oshigbesan

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Author: Oshigbesan Adedeji.

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Oshigbesan Adedeji Author of High School Apocalypse


Ethan sharply interrupted, “Guys, do not let she and her sister overwhelm you with their pranks, we just want you to leave here at this time, believe me, you don’t want to know why?”
Ben and Best edged towards Beth, he could feel her skin cold and the hair on her skin frozen to death.
“Ethan, I promise, we would leave here right now because I for once cannot be involved in whatever is going on here, infact, I was never here!” Ben said as he tried to pull Beth away from the crime scene but she was too fixed to her feet. While he kept trying to push her off her feet, Melysian scoffed.
“Bravo Mr. Son of the President! Are you even sure you are the biological son of the President?”
“I am sure you do not want the press to come after you!” Lucy and Jada Benz skipped out from behind a 5 feet rock on the East side of the forest. Both dressed in light winter blue sweaters as the cold night weather was obvious.
Beth and Ben and their friends almost melted into water. Pearl was practically shivering, wondering whom they will see next turning up.
Rebecca whispered, “We are not alone!”
Linda agreed.
“It is not with me, how many times do you want me to tell you that!” Melysian shouted.
From a short distance, the sound of cars were approaching, Best and some other guys were quick to search it out. As they left, Beth received a text message from Fred, “Do not go, it is a trap!”
She sighed and said within herself, ‘Too late Fred!”
Margaret, Jarel, Caesey, Nubia, Nareth, George, John and Saul came out from their cars accordingly.
BETH, looking around, she noticed that the same people she saw in her dream were beginning to turn up in reality. Also, she noticed that Margaret and Jarel had formed a new squad after Linda and Rebecca decamped. She also noticed that some persons were missing, Prince and Riche.
She sighed loudly wondering what would happen next.
Margaret, taking an accurate guess on the happening situation, especially as she sighted Melysian, she walked towards Jada Benz and asked, “Where is the Stone of Acrimony?”
Beth’s heart almost stopped beating. Then she screamed, “Ahahahahaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!” Ben quickly shoved his hand over her mouth.
Lyshan complained loudly, “OMG! Elizabeth, I warned you, Oh God! What have I gotten myself into??”
“Chill guys! Chill!!” Elysian called for decorum.

To be continued.
The E-book would be available for #500 after the launching.
1st of December.

screamed, “Ahahahahaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!” Ben quickly shoved his hand over her mouth.
Lyshan complained loudly, “OMG! Elizabeth, I warned you, Oh God! What have I gotten myself into??”
“Chill guys! Chill!!” Elysian called for decorum.

To be continued.
The E-book would be available for #500 after the launching.
1st of December.


High School Apocalypse (Romance • Drama • Magic)

“High School Apocalypse”

High School Apocalypse (Romance • Drama • Magic)
High School Apocalypse (Romance • Drama • Magic) Model: Teniola Akinwande

‘Synopsis Continued…’

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..A Witchy laughter broke the tiny silence. From behind seven trees, seven figures, covered in black overall from head to toe showed up.

Pearl and Rebecca whispered in horror. “Who invited the spirits?”

Beth melted on the spot.

Pacing slowly to meet the seven motionless figures, Elysian asked, “5 is the number of trouble?

“The tallest figure among the black overall figure responded, “GRACE!”

At that instant, Elysian hugged the unrevealed figure with frantic joy.

“Is this some kind of a cult?” Beth whimpered.

“I told you!” Lyshan complained.

“No! It’s a code!” Linda guessed.

“Code for what?” Rebecca and Pearl murmured.

The unraveled figure suddenly hit Lyshan and revealed herself, and her escorts, Melysian, Kales, Ethan, Trent, Diana, Trent and Bianca.

“WHAT?” Beth and her party members screamed.

There was silence for a space of 40 seconds. Beth broke it when she began to ask and mention the names of the students she could recognize.

“Kales? Ethan? Trent? Diana? Trent? Bianca? And the lady that looks so much like our very own mystery girl??”

“I see we have not been introduced?” Melysian scaled her voice with every iota of pride in it.

Elysian, slowly recovering from the pain Melysian dashed her. She groaned as she tried to introduce the duo, “Arrgh! Be…Beth, meet my sister, Melysian, Meliz, meet the Queen of Dove High, Elizabeth Williams Shepherdson, the Preacher!”

Usually, Beth will caution her for spelling out all her names but she was too terrified and in too much shock to even scold anyone. There was another period of silence, this time, it lasted for an entire minute, only the Crickets and other noisy Frogs made sounds.

“What in the heavens are you doing out here Beth?” Ben said with Best beside him. Their appearance startled everyone and broke the silence again.

“What is going here?” Beth whimpered again.

Melysian responded, “I believe you have heard of these words before? ‘Elizabeth William Shepherdson, Thursday at the Capital State High School, Thursday at Gawed High, Thursday is a date with enemies, Thursday is your fall, Thursday is your ascension into glory, Thursday is your birth, Thursday is Elysian, Thursday is your first Kiss at BelzeDelve High School, but not everything is your Thursday. See me on Thursday, pick your Thursday, come only with your enemies, 11:00PM at Dove High where you found this letter…Gracias…’

Beth and her friends nodded slowly in agreement, almost surprised that she knew the content of the ghost letter.

To be continued.

Thank you.