In Love???

I’m in Love Already?

Oh, my heart quails at the sound in your voice,

Like a lost puppy, I search for your scent on your bleached clothes,

And without hope, frustrated in my limping desires,

Ah! How could love betray me like this,

This was never our agreement,

This restlessness,

The battle of Armageddon I didn’t purchase a sword to fight in,

The boiling rage of emotions, being offended I ignored them every time they came calling,

Like a silly child craving candy on bloody battle fields,

I have a confession,

No! But my mind already confessed her sins

Guilt could no longer push me to confess a crime I did not commit,

My Advocate could lose his job if my mouth should release the ocean in the mid-midst of this storm,

You haven’t even said you loved me yet, I am already defeated, lost in your love

Down at your feet, licking your sole,

If you wink your attraction for me, unconsciousness will embrace me quickly, my ghost will trail the galaxies and find forever,

The heavens must not permit me to suddenly fall in love with you, if the heavens permit,

They’ll have a visitor for this night, the Elders better prepare for my home coming.

To be strong in matters like these
Is beyond logical
If I call on the Lords of the paranormal,
Confusion, their Queen will speak first

My heart beats awkwardly
But beats perfectly for you my Love
My love, beyond rubies
I’m undone my love
For this reason I do not deserve you
Yet, shall your love pour out unto empty riches?

Let me grace you,
Let me see you everyday,
This is new for me,
For us,
Suddenly, this crazy world is perfect,
We find solace in the streets of guns,
We find perfect love in the prisons of injustice,
How shall we not pray the world to be forever?

I’ll let your voice hunt me every second,
For how shall I forget the tune of your heart beat?
What madness will it be if I sleep a day without listening to your phrases?
Your phrases I know shall form the walls of my dream!

My Love,
Let this be forever
My heart drum rolls a new millennia,
I can see our kids already,
The rocking chair with your walking stick,
Hey! We made it to the end!
I’m madly in Love with you
Now is the Storm calm,
The boisterous and proud Wind ceased.
Kiss me,
Your kiss is the best thing I’ve tasted all my life.

Oshigbesan Adedeji.


Moments of Silence

Moments of Silence:

Silence is the mother of quietness

Holding the tongue speaks volume

The deaf will ear my heart pound miles away

Darkness always encroaching

And the light dimming

I’m losing hope

Saviour, save my hope

For my bones wax like candle wax

The years speed away from my days

I lack the motivation to move forward

Can man be born without troubles?

Can a woman birth without sin?

Who’s offence do I suffer for?

These questions lack answers!

The deep waters swallow me

The fire that burns consumes my soul

Should I walk beyond redemption?

Where is my faith if fate beckons at my sliding strides?

Can a Snail out run a Cheetah?

The setting Sun is soon my best friend

In the midst of my days the showers have been light

These words offend my Light

I’ve never seen an Eagle fly into the galaxies

Her wings are enviable

But out of space?

That’s beyond her reach!

In these moments of silence

I’ve been a student to sorrow

Many waters laugh at my tears

The singing birds mock my lullabies

The prince left me

The princess ignores me

I can see a vision

But everyday is blurry

When will forgiveness have mercy on my sins?

When will mercy remember my loneliness?

This world is crushing with her madness

And the heavens beckon to me

To help

To save

This dying world

I need help toooooo….

But I will

I will rise

and shine



Poetry for Rebecca;

If your strength fails
When adversity embraces you
Your destiny ain’t strong

Adversity will always come
People have mouth
Words shall always proceed out of it

Rely not on the sentences of your soul
Let your conscience that is filled with guilt
Be overturned with my forgiveness

Truly offences have come
I’m neither perfect
So swallow your perfection

Let optimism be enlarged in your heart
Look beyond today
Tomorrow never lies

Tomorrow has more than one color
Better than rainbow
Brighter than the Sun

The Eastern desert will encroach
Her Sun will burst upon your faith
If you sack wisdom

I could have fallen
Both of us would have been a laughing stock
Yet, destiny rose from her slumber

The schemes of the enemy
As applied is beyond our wisdom
Yet, our God created Wisdom

We could have been losers
Yet, He that is greater than us
Whose love is unconditional
Never closed his eyes nor ears

Look inward,
Look outward,
Where is the love?
With God always
And God is everywhere
Both inward and outward
With great depths and heights

I’m ready to bear this shame of yours if you say yes
I’m ready to be called a fool if you say yes
And if I lose all because of you,
Painful, but I’ll be satisfied
Not because of you
That I followed Jesus in this matter

Honestly, I don’t like this idea
I’d wish we never see again
But not my will
I’ll be a fool though, if you say no

Rebecca, as it stands, I do love you
As time passes in your silence
The love fades


Novel: High School Apocalypse

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“We are either a victim or victor of romance, drama and magic.”

To love and to hold forever might become too hot to handle when youthful exuberance kicks in. Elizabeth Williams Shepherdson had failed, and Ben Wellington wasn’t a saint either. To repent will be a battle but she was determined and he wasn’t going to slack in his efforts, for the sakes of their gospel.

Beth’s life of repentance was going on smoothly when she experienced her first romantic relapse and sexual scandal tracked her paths again, her high school social life on the verge of ruin once again!

Drama surely was unleashed and her genius brain never lacked a way out of every trap her new and old foes mapped out for her. It wasn’t much of an high school, it was a kingdom where Kings and Queens reigned supreme. Yet, her pride wasn’t going to be swallowed by any of these royalties until she met the infamous mysterious girl, Elysian.

This Elysian, a victim of spells and portions, who plowed her hands into powers beyond her knowledge. In her sincere desperate attempt, desired that her dead boyfriend was awakened from the hands of death, disrupted the entire timeline, thereby, adding Magic and time-travel to every complicated matter that was existing, but she wasn’t to be entirely blamed.

Yet, Beth finds herself in the web of magic, the magic that insisted that her romantic scandal needed to reoccur before a solution could be birth, even to the birth of a new born baby in high school!


we need to be strengthened before help arrives


Like a woman in labour pangs, her cry will always be help. But the Doctors and her midwives will tell her to push. Basically, they are telling her to apply Strength.

Every time we tell God to help us. He his always willing, but God realized that before He arises from His throne to help us, we had given up!

Note; Your situation is not an emergency to God, so He is never in a hurry to heed your beck and call.

God said, “Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am thy God, I will Strengthen you, yes! I will Help you.” Isaiah 41:10

Note that God said the first thing He’ll do is to strengthen you, after which, He’ll help you. God is a God of process. He’ll not by chance skip any process; STRENGTH BEFORE HELP.

Ask for Strength, understand what strength looks like, endure difficult times and seasons, and for sure, your help will come speedily.

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2019 is in trouble!

So 2019 First Poetry – REVELOETOREY

the revelation of poetry, Reveloetorey

There be battles you need fight twice

For the ice cold of hatred is twice the ice

So fight again

Don’t quit again

This year will ride on the strings of time

You better ride on the strings of eternity

The best hunter is the past

Don’t be a prey

Floating in mid-heaven this year

May not work things out as always

Snap out of that comfort zone

Float a battle axe

Float a shield made of brass

Float your girdle

Float your helmet

Let your sword swing lightly and swiftly

For your enemy is never willing

To fight a fair fight

So 2019 first poetry

Look beyond Poetry

You’ll find “REVELOETOREY”

Yea! I said it here first….

Coming soon!


Happy 2019 in Anticipation

Whatever your expectations and plans maybe in 2019, make sure it something that gives a new light to the life you’ve been living and the life you expect to live from 2019 henceforth. Becareful of the tradition of new year resolution. Just make sure you practice what you preach daily.

Happy New Year in Advance.